Zoom Cheat Sheet

As you know this year’s annual meeting is being held virtually as well as most of our board meetings have been. The board wants to make this transition to a virtual space as seamless as possible. If you can not find the answer you need on this page, please refer back to the email sent to you with the Zoom link. In that email you will find the contact info for your friendly neighborhood “tech support”.

Helpful Links

FAQ from Zoom site

How to join a meeting (PC, Android, iOS, Linux, Telephone, Etc)

How to share your screen (Mostly for our committee members)

Cheat Sheet with Pictures!

There are many ways to join a Zoom meeting. The easiest way is to follow the link provided in your email. If you prefer to make a Zoom account or only have the meeting ID number check the images below. If you find yourself with just the Meeting ID, you’ll need to go to zoom.us and look for “Join a meeting”.

(Images can be enlarged by clicking)

Add Meeting ID on this screen
Joining a meeting after making an account

Once you’ve selected “Join”, you’ll get a dialogue box asking to launch (or install) the Zoom client app. This is the recommended way. If you would rather not install the Zoom app, you can launch it in the web browser. However using Zoom via the browser tab can affect performance.


It is recommended that you allow your audio and video when prompted. If you have opted to skip this, but now wish to use Audio/Video you can adjust those settings by clicking on the up caret as seen below.

Your personal settings can also be adjusted via the three dot menu in the upper right of your video box.

Three dot menu

Change Views

If you wish to change your view settings, simply click the button on the top of your screen that says either “Gallery view” or “Speaker view”. This will let you see everyone participating in the meeting (up to 50 people per page unless on a mobile device) or let the speaker take up a majority of the screen.

Sliding left or right on a mobile device will let you see others not on your main screen. Arrows should show for switching between screens on a computer.

Interactive Particiapation

Chat should be enabled during the meeting to participate with the entire meeting. We request that you limit chat to meeting specific topics.

There should be a helper monitoring chat in case the board misses your questions or comments. If you do not wish to type out your question or comments, you can “raise your hand”. This is done by pushing the button on the bottom of your chat box. A tiny hand should appear on top of your name in your video box.

You can access the chat window with the menus at the bottom of your screen. If you do not see them, simply hover over the bottom of the screen and the menu bar will reappear.

Leaving the meeting early

Please don’t. We need your votes and our president promises to keep the meeting moving.

But if you do need to leave early, you can do this two ways. The first is by clicking the red X on the top of your screen or the second way is by clicking the “Leave” button at the bottom of your screen. (You will not have the “End meeting for all” option unless you are the host. Sorry to disappoint.)

Things to KNOW

Try to avoid using multiple devices in close proximity. They can create an echo chamber of unpleasant sound. If there is no way around this I would recommend using headphones or turning off the mic and speakers completely for one of the devices.

Internet lag and video delays can make for awkward situations. When speaking or replying please allow a moment to pass to ensure the previous speaker has finished so there is little to no overlap.

Dropped connections. The connections with this many people can be wonky. If you are dropped you should be able to reconnect. There might be a delay with reentering as the host or co-host will need to let you back in.

Breakout rooms. In the event that there is a need for an executive session the board will move into a “breakout room”. These are just side channels that the host creates. The main room will remain open for the remaining participants to chat freely among themselves.

Lighting. This is often overlooked but if you plan to be on video, keep in mind that after dusk the lighting that seems reasonable to the human eye usually isn’t to the tiny camera’s eye.

Ethereal voices. This one is a personal preference. I understand not wanting to be on video for your 15 second question but sometimes it is easier to recognize a voice with an image. So if time permits and you are willing, add a photo to Zoom so someone such as myself can recognize that voice in the dark. (Yes, I need “flash cards” to recall your name ~Luis)