PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 08/06/2012
Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Karl Hancock were present. Property owners Robin Newlin and Elaine and Cody Gibson were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. Corrections: $0.35 vs. $35.00 on the price per linear foot to crack fill roads; “crack seal” should be “crack fill.” Karl made a motion to approve the minutes; Bill seconded. The minutes were approved with the above edits.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Two ACC fees and two transfer fees have been received.

The Whiteside insurance policy, the Association’s commercial liability package, is down $900.00 in price and has been renewed. The Frost Insurance policy, the Association’s Directors and Officers policy, is also up for renewal with no change in price. Toby will renew this policy.

The ACC has approved the Martinez construction deposit to be returned to the builder, Jimmy Jacobs.

The ACC received a request that, when appropriate, the construction deposit for the Barker property be returned to the owner rather than the original builder.

There are still two outstanding dues payments; Kathman owes $375.00. Another notice was sent; the first was sent registered mail and never picked up. Presley was not sent a notice because of the lien.

Karl made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report; Bill seconded. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business
Road Maintenance
Ramming Paving has fixed the chip seal job on Tres Coronas and swept the loose rock. The board has not yet received crack fill quotes. Bill will contact Nancy Lambros for an update.

Hellrung Lawsuit
Mr. Hellrung’s attorney has submitted a revised lawsuit removing Bill Paschall as a defendant. Mr. Hellrung is still suing Paleface Ranch Association, Inc.

McKay Bill for Car Repair
Ramming Paving paid Steven McKay’s car repair bill. He claimed his car had been damaged by loose rock on Tres Coronas from the recent chip seal work.

Covenant Violations
23614 Oscar Road – Aggressive dog – Bill sent an email to the owner of the aggressive dog and copied the Association’s attorney due to an ongoing lawsuit against the Association involving the animal’s owner.

New Business
Entry Mowing and Weed Kill
The neighborhood entrance was again mowed last week. Weeds along the road edges were sprayed the last week of July.

Entry Maintenance
The mailbox cover needs to be re-stained. Toby made a motion to get a quote for staining the cedar on the mailbox cover; Karl seconded. The motion was approved. Karl will check with his handyman.

Dead Cedars on the Boat Ramp Property
There is a concern about Association liability if the dead cedars on the Association owned boat ramp property were to catch fire and that fire were to spread to privately-owned property. Bill recommended the HOW Foundation. Bill made a motion that quotes be obtained from the HOW Foundation and Mario’s Landscaping to cut and mulch the dead cedars on our common park lot; Megan seconded. The motion was approved. Toby will follow up.

Call Before You Burn Sign
The sign has gone missing. Toby made a motion to purchase a new “Call Before You Burn” sign; Bill seconded. The motion was approved. Toby will order a new sign.

Online Archiving of Old PRAI Records
Toby requested that Bill please ask the attorneys: (1) if it is acceptable for the Association records to be put online if all account numbers are redacted and (2) what the required period of time is for keeping old receipts.

Annual Meeting Prep
Megan will prepare all documents for annual HOA meeting and send to the board for review.

The next meeting will be held after the annual HOA meeting at a date and location to be decided upon, with the new board, in September.

The meeting was adjourned.

Executive Session
After the board meeting was adjourned and property owners not on the board asked to leave, the board held an executive session to discuss developments in the Hellrung Lawsuit.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary