31-Aug-21 Board Meeting

Called to Order 6:31pm

Full board in attendance (John, Cindy, Luis, Brian, Joel)

Approve Prior Meeting Minutes

  • Cindy moved to approve, John second.  Approved as published on the website.

Treasurer Report

  • Income has been HOA transfer fees, plus one late annual fee.  Four lots are still past due.
  • Cindy will reimburse herself for new inventory of remotes
  • A lot of income on remote sales

Committee Reports

  • Roads Committee – No member present.  Joel updated from discussion with Chris.  1 bid received.  Waiting on two more.  No further information.
  • ACC Committee – Four projects under construction.  One deposit outstanding.  One project complete since last report.
  • Front Gate Committee – TXDOT visited with a subset of committee & the board.  There will be a turn center lane installed in front of the neighborhood, including a right turn late to the neighborhood (~500’).  We will lose ~6’ concrete ribbon in front of the neighborhood.  Centerline of current culvert will be the edge of the new pavement.  Project & bid process starts in March.  Construction expected to start summer of ’22 & finish full project within 18 months.  Project will go to the Burnet Country line.  John will request printed plan from Megan & publish to the board.  Committee recommends moving ahead with sign update as it will not be impacted by the TXDOT construction.

Unfinished Business

  • No unfinished business

New Business

  • Hog management options
  • Michele Klein – Hogs are living in the cave in the draw above the boat ramp.  About 6 adults & 2 dozen piglets present.  First trap expected on 31Aug or 01Sep. 

Executive Session

  • Discussed committee personnel issues.  Further discussion will be directly with committee members. 
  • Discussed hog question & issues with no further conclusion

Joel moved to adjourn, Luis 2nd

Adjourn at 7:27pm