02-Aug-2022 Board Meeting

Called to order 6:31pm


Approve Prior Meeting Minutes

Treasurer Report

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

Executive Session

Minutes:  Luis moved to approve.  John seconds.  Approved.

Treasurer report:

  • Front entrance sign came in under budget
  • Two homes have completed construction and waiting paperwork to return the deposits.
  • Investment account is down due to market conditions.  No plans for need for the funds so no issue.
  • ACC fees, gate remotes, late fees, transfer fees are ahead of budget
  • Under budget on all expenses except gate remotes & office supplies
  • Request again to publish P&L prior to the meetings for discussion.  Some questions on confirming recognition of investment in P&L.  Diane will align with Mindy to correctly recognize the in the P&L, and then will be published.

Committee Reports:

  • ACC ā€“ Gregg Smith
    • 10 houses under construction, 4 completing in the news 2-3 weeks
    • 3 new starts since the last meeting
    • Some issues with website email.  Luis will look at the website to check functionality.
    • Dean Deville is expected to resign from the ACC, replacements will be needed.
  • Roads ā€“ No member present
    • Via John: Bill Paschal is working to refresh quotes.  Difficult to find contractors at this time.
    • Request for the board so send an update on roads bids progress.
  • Front Entrance ā€“ Diane Wigington
    • Dirt on the entrance side is due to AT&T Fiber Cut.  Discussions with AT&T indicate fiber cut is repaired, but not clear what AT&T is waiting on to fill the trench.
    • Water tank is in the neighborhood.  Install expected around the end of the month.
    • Landscaping will follow the water tank install.  Planting earliest to be mid-September to early October.
    • Gate camera is installed & functioning.  Hardscape is installed except for final irrigation.

Unfinished Business

  • Need to have Access Controls to check entrance sensor loops.

New Business

  • Concerns over how long the gate was open for the neighborhood event.  Joel will get a key for Diane.
  • Request for the board to send reminders of fire risk.

Executive Session

  • CCR Violations & next steps.
  • New neighborhood insurance needed.  Board members will solicit bids through various contacts.  Current policy expires at the end of the year.
  • Certified letter will go out for overdue HOA dues
  • Committee memberships
  • Annual meeting prep will start in September

Adjourned 7:40pm