9/12/2015 (Annual)


I Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by President John Byington at 1:37 p.m. Byington reported 51 of 158 lot owners were in attendance in person or by proxy. The chair declared that a quorum had been established. The president and secretary of the association were in attendance.

II Approval of Minutes of 2014 Annual Meeting
Minutes have been posted on the website since October, 2014. The link was also circulated with the meeting notice and is posted on the website. The minutes of the September 13, 2014 Annual Meeting were approved as posted.

Member Danna Hancock moved to limit debate to four minutes per person, per motion; motion was seconded.


III Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Mindy Smith presented the 2015 treasurer’s report. Most Association dues have been collected; four remain unpaid and three of those are ongoing problems. Projects funded this year included the boat ramp parking expansion project which was more expensive than anticipated but still under budget, the oak wilt trenching, and staining the mailbox cover. The road maintenance crack fill was more expensive than estimated due to a higher than normal incidence of cracking on the roads – primarily Performer and Oscar. President John Byington stated the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

IV 2016 Proposed Budget
Smith presented the 2016 proposed budget. She called attention to the $82,000 expense for road maintenance in 2016, citing the anticipated chip seal on Oscar and combined with crack fill for all roads as reasons for the high cost. (2016 Budget, as later amended.)

Member Laurie Byington moved to approve the 2015 budget as presented; motion was seconded.


V Board Reports

VI Committee Reports

Architectural Control Committee

    • In the past year, ten new homes have completed construction within Paleface Ranch. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has received three new home applications and three homes are currently under construction. The committee has received applications for 14 other improvement projects within the neighborhood. The ACC provided an

Outline of Important Requirements


Road Maintenance Committee

    • The Road Maintenance Committee provided a

Road Maintenance Document

    summarizing its duties, giving an overview of the road maintenance history and explaining the primary road maintenance activities. The committee presented its road maintenance recommendations:

  • Crack seal on all roads every year.
  • Chip seal Oscar Road in 2016 to maintain road integrity at an estimated cost of ~$51,000.00.
  • Chip seal Tres Coronas in 2017 to maintain road integrity at an estimated cost of ~$49,000.00
  • Chip seal Performer, Envoy Place, Successor and Replica in 2018. (2013 cost was $51,436.00)
  • Chip seal Improver, Likeness, Oscars Echo, Indian Divide Road and Indian Divide Cove in 2019. (2014 cost was $51,436.00)

VII Election of Directors
Three board positions were up for election this year. John Wray, Karl Hancock, Sue Bennett and Steve Barker were nominated. After counting the ballots, the Teller Committee reported John Wray, Karl Hancock and Steve Barker will join the 2015-2016 Board.

VIII Old Business
Boat Ramp Parking Expansion
At the Annual Meeting in 2009 the Association voted to set aside $15,000 per year for four years to expand the parking lot at the boat ramp. In 2013 a contractor was hired for the project. Over two years, he did $23,000 worth of work. In 2015 he was fired for lack of progress. A new contractor was hired and the project finished. The total cost was $44,000.

Oak Wilt Project
Oak Wilt disease was found on ten contiguous lots in the neighborhood in March of 2014. At a Special Meeting of the Association, called in July of 2014, the Association voted to partner with the Texas A&M Forest Service and their cost sharing plan in the funding of a trench to surround the disease and stop its progression. In December of 2014 the trench was placed. The total cost was 20,227.49. The Association received a cost-sharing refund from the State of $8091.00.

Right Turn Lane on Hwy 71
At the 2014 Annual Meeting the Association voted to set aside $7500 per year for four years to pay for a right-turn lane on Highway 71. Nancy Lambros reported that the short-term TXDOT plan is to turn Highway 71 into a two-lane road with 14′ center turn lane and 11′ shoulders, alleviating the need for a right-turn lane into Paleface Ranch.

President John Byington made a motion that the Association amend the budget to discontinue the $7500.00 yearly set aside for the construction of a right-turn lane and return the money already set aside to the general fund. Motion was seconded.


IX New Business
Gate at Boat Ramp
With water back in the river, people who are not property owners are coming into the subdivision to use the boat ramp. New private boat ramp / no trespassing signs will be put up soon. To further deter unauthorized use of the boat ramp, Megan Klein proposed a pole gate with remote and keypad access controls. A quote from Access Controls of Austin came in at $4505.52. A straw poll was taken to determine if there was enough interest in the gate to continue discussion. The majority voted against pursuing a gate at this time.

Paleface Ranch Sign
The large Paleface Ranch sign at the entrance is made of wood and is rotting. In 2014 the most deteriorated areas were filled and caulked and the sign was repainted. It will need to be replaced eventually. Two bids were obtained: 1) a design very similar to the current sign but made of aluminum for $19,980 and 2) a pedestal/pendant design for $22,990.

Vice President Heather Martinez made a motion to have Richard Luevano assess the sign and make recommendations to the new board; motion was seconded.


Speed Bumps
The board was asked to explore speed bumps as a method of slowing down traffic on neighborhood roads. Heather Martinez presented an extensively researched report. Bottom line: 6” tall x 24′ wide x 6′ deep speed bumps cost ~$1450 each; 3” tall x 24′ wide x 12′ deep speed bumps cost ~$1050 each. A straw poll was taken to determine if there was enough interest in speed bumps to continue the conversation. The majority voted against pursuing speed bumps.

Budget 2016 Amended and Approved
The 2016 Budget, approved in Main Motion #2, was amended with Main Motion #3. The amended budget was approved.

Boat Ramp Parking Lot Asphalt and Striping
Property owner Jerry Miller suggested that use of the expanded boat ramp parking lot could be optimized by adding a cement or asphalt surface and parking space lines.

President John Byington made a motion that the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee, of Ken Klein, Karl Hancock and Jerry Miller, review/define signage, paving and striping in the boat ramp parking lot and report to the new board; motion was seconded.


X. Meeting Adjourned
There being no further business, the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 3:44 p.m.