9/10/2016 (Annual)

DRAFT – PRAI Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2016, 1:30 pm at One Chapel at 22800 Hwy 71


I.             Call to Order at 1:40 pm. 87 members represented. Quorum achieved.

II.         Approval of Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting

No corrections. Minutes are approved from the 2015 annual meeting of members

III.      Treasurer’s Report

Page 1 is year-end 2015. Page 2 is budget to actual. Page 3 is current year as of today. Page 4 is actual. Page 5 is proposed with current dues at $400.00. Page 6 is proposed with amended budget if the dues increase to $500.00 is accepted. Treasurer’s report

IV.       2017 Proposed Budget

The first page doesn’t include a dues increase, however the last page does. The first part of the third page is the proposal for next year. The back is the amended budget if the dues increase passes.

In the budget to actual for 2016, the first line is the difference between what we collect versus what we should collect.

The big expense expected for 2017 is chip sealing Oscar. Karl notes the engineer’s advice took about three months. Oscar is in great shape and will be fine to push its crack fill back to next year. No current need to replace full road, thought our roads were in fantastic shape considering their age.

Chrissy Carr motions to approve the budget. Debbie Barker seconded. Motion passes.

V.          Board Reports

A.  President’s report.

VI.       Committee Reports

A.          Architectural Control Committee

1.             ACC Report presented by Robert Fraser. Currently 6 deposits, 5 in progress, 1 about to go. Completed 2 houses, 5 applications for new homes, 9 applications for other: solar, pools, barns. Recognized Tony and Khrisana. Khrisana wasn’t present.

2.             Neighborhood has over 100 houses built on 158 lots. We’re about 2/3rds built out.

B.             Road Maintenance Committee

1.             Nancy presented with report and spreadsheet. Roads are 21+ years old, 5 miles, 11 roads. 2 major parts to maintenance: chip seal and crack seal. Gave definitions of each.

2.             5 recommendations: chip seal, crack fill, concrete curbs for edges at front on both sides, edge repair (bottom of the page).

3.                  Diane asked about the pot hole near gate repairing with asphalt again. Says Portland cement and asphalt mix. Luevano pointed out that the repair should be designed by an engineer, not the contractor. Shelton agreed with Luevano’s opinion on the design being done by an engineer. October is the end of the paving season.

4. Luevano’s Report

C.           Bylaws and CCRs Committee

1.             The board approved the charter for the Bylaws/ CC&R committee in February 2016. The purpose was to “develop proposed amendments, including changes or additions, to the PRAI Bylaws and CC&RS to ensure alignment with current statutory requirements and provide for the betterment of the community.”

2.             Need 106 members to vote on these. Only have 87. Will need 75% to pass them since we won’t be able to at this meeting.

VII.   Election of Directors

A.             The board will appoint two directors to serve for two years. Nominations came from solicitations and the floor. Sue Bennett, Chrissy Citzler-Carr, and Jim Brown were nominated.

B.             Diane Wigington motions to cease nominations. Florrie Davis seconded. No discussion.

C.             Bill Paschall stated that nominees who have any active litigation against the board may have a conflict of interest. Karl clarified there is an active suit from Jim & Linda Brown. Karl stated the attorney recommended that we not discuss the active litigation from the Browns.

D.            Sue Bennett and Chrissy Citzler-Carr were elected to the board of directors.

VIII.                  Old Business

A.           Boat ramp parking lot has a verbal sign off from the LCRA inspector, waiting on Bermuda grass to grow because the recent flooding washed away the seed. The boat ramp committee has been disbanded because it isn’t needed any longer.

B.           Right turn lane: dealt with last year. The inclusion of it on this agenda was a typo.

C.           Paleface Ranch sign: Richard Luevano reported about his inspection last year and the one he performed the morning of the meeting. He is an engineer and his previous report has been posted on the website.

1.             Same shape as last year, recommends treating soft spots with caulking or bondo. Some of the wood is exposed where the sun has caused the paint to peel. Repaint or put a cap on the top to add more protection to the side joints. Also recommends a fresh painting. Hardiboard would be best if the pieces came in the correct sizes.

2.             Steve Barker motioned to add $1000.00 to the budget to do the repairs on the entrance sign. Bob Beglau seconded the motion. Motion passed.

3. Peyton Cauley motioned to amend the motion to say we’ll spend up to $1000.00 to repair the sign. He withdrew the motion to amend.

IX.      New Business

A.           Proposed Bylaws amendment vote: 67% of voting power of the association to change CCRs, only takes majority to make bylaw changes.

1.             State law alignment using form

  1. 03 BOD Removal
  2. 04 BOD Vacancies
  3. 07 BOD Association Contracts
  4. 01 BOD Regular Meetings
  5. 06 Executive Session
  6. 01 Maintenance
  7. 03 Public Records


2.             Housekeeping

  1. 01 Voting
  2. 01 Annual Meetings
  3. 05 Order of Business
  4. 02 BOD Term
  5. 02 BOD Special Meetings
  6. 01 Amendment of the Bylaws

3.             Neighborhood generated

  1. 02 Proxies and Absentee Ballots
  2. 04 Required Vote
  3. 02 Election
  4. 03 Notice of Meetings
  5. 01 Nomination
  6. 04 Financial Review

B.           Proposed CC&Rs amendment vote

1.              9.01 Payment of Annual Maintenance Charge

a)            Increase annual maintenance charge to $500.00 per lot per year, do have a quorum to vote on this.

  1.  Last increase was in 2013. Increase gives about 15k a year to put towards just road maintenance. This increase may keep us from needing a special assessment and/or reserve fund that is large enough to account for emergency work.
  2. Dues increase would not be specific to the roads. Dues increase did not pass.
  3. Rest of the amendments will be followed up on over the next year by the Bylaws and CCRs committee via email, phone, and door knocking.

2.             Align with State Laws

  1. 28 Adjacent Lot Definition
  2. 29 Residential Purpose Definition
  3. 01 (j) Construction of Improvements
  4. 02 Adjacent Lot for Residential Purposes
  5. 03 Sale of an Adjacent Lot
  6. 09 Solar Devices
  7. 04 Notice before Enforcement

3.             Housekeeping

  1. 07 Board or Board of Directors Definitions\
  2. 18 Owner Definition
  3. 01 General Declaration
  4. 03 Supplemental Declaration
  5. 02 Bovine Animals
  6. 03 Equine Animals
  7. 01 Establishment, Composition, and Purpose (of ACC)
  8. 04 Appointment and Removal (of ACC)
  9. 05 Resignations (of ACC)
  10. 06 Vacancy (of ACC)
  11. 07 Transfer of ACC Authority (of ACC)
  12. 08 Address (of ACC)
  13. 16 Liability (of ACC)
  14. 19 Fees (ACC)
  15. 02 Changes and Additions
  16. 05 Easements for Access by Board and ACC
  17. 06 Surface Area
  18. 01 Function of Association
  19. 02 Maintenance of Private Street
  20. 03 Management of the Association
  21. 04 Membership in the Association
  22. 05 Voting of Members
  23. 06 Meetings of the Members
  24. 04 Enforcement of Annual Maintenance Charge and Special Assessment
  25. 05 Enforcement
  26. 07 Modification or Repeal During Initial Term
  27. 13 Assignment of Rights and Obligations of Declarant
  28. 16 Declarant’s Exemption

4.             Neighborhood generated

  1. 02 Development Plan
  2. 01 (b) Minimum and Maximum Floor Areas
  3. 01 (d) Limitations of Improvements
  4. 01 (e) Water Supply and Sewage Disposal
  5. 01 (g) Driveways
  6. 04 (b) Fences, Walls, and Hedges
  7. 08 Alteration of Improvements
  8. 10 Garages
  9. 13 Vehicles and Equipment
  10. 11 Boat Docks
  11. 01 Animals; Household Pets
  12. 04 Hens
  13. 08 Modification or Repeal

D.          Motions from the floor

1.                  John Wray motions to amend the 2017 budget to include $4000.00 for first phase recreational development of HOA land at the boat ramp parking area and that we direct the board to appoint a committee to recommend the goals and development plans to be adopted and implemented by the board in 2017. Bill Paschall seconded. Motion passes.

a)                 Any committee created is to seek community input.

X.          Meeting adjourned at 3:29 pm.