9-9-17 Annual

Minutes of the 9-9-17 Annual Meeting

Paleface Ranch Association Annual HOA meeting was held on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 22800 Hwy 71 in Spicewood, TX 78669

Quorum was met as there were 32 lots represented by proxy and 34 by in-person attendance. In addition, there were 3 absentee ballots.

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by HOA President Karl Hancock at 1:45 pm. Other Board of Directors in attendance were Treasurer Chrissy Carr and Secretary Sue Bennett.  John Wray and Steve Barker were absent.
Karl Hancock advised the attendees of the protocol to be followed. Sheila Jenkins made the following motion: To limit debate to 2 three-minute speeches per person per question. Motion seconded by Florrie Davis. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

PRIOR MEETING MINUTES: The minutes of the 2017 Special Meeting had been emailed to the property owners and therefore not read out loud at this meeting. They were approved.
The minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting had been emailed to the property owners and therefore not read out loud at this meeting. There was one correction noted. The corrected minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Chrissy Carr presented the Treasurer’s report. The balance sheets and P&L statements from 2016 and 2017 year-to-date were reviewed. (Treasurer report_Sept 9 2017_annual meeting
Per our Bylaws, a Financial Review was completed.  In August, 2017  a Marble Falls CPA firm, Freemon, Shapard & Story, conducted the Review. The Review covered the 19 month period January, 2016 through July, 2017. (Financial Review Aug 2017)

2018 PROPOSED BUDGET: Chrissy discussed the proposed budget for 2018 highlighting some line items. She noted that at least ½ of our income will be allocated to the road fund. $10,000 was budgeted for road work next year which will include crack filling all roads. David Davis made a Motion to approve the Proposed Budget and Rich Lapides seconded. The Motion passed. (See page 5 of the Treasurer’s report for the proposed budget)

At this point, the agenda was amended in order to address the two voting issues on the agenda prior to discussing the remaining agenda items.

BYLAW CHANGE VOTE: Sue Bennett made a motion to amend our Bylaws as follows: Article VI, Meetings of Members Section 6.01 Annual Meetings (change the date of the annual meeting to the 4th Saturday in January each year at 12:30 pm). Article VII Board of Directors, Section 7.02 Term (no election to be held at the January, 2018 meeting) and Article VIII Nomination and Election of Directors (no election will be held at the January, 2018 meeting). (Bylaw Amendment Motion at HOA Annual Mtg held on 9-9-17) Mindy Smith seconded. The Bylaw Amendment was approved 58 – 11.

ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: Two individuals submitted their Nomination Forms and were listed on the Absentee Ballot form: Brenda Alvarado and John Wray. Additional nominations taken from the floor were Karl Hancock, Steve Barker and David Davis. Directors elected to the Board were Brenda Alvarado, David Davis and Karl Hancock.


ACC REPORT was presented by Robert Frazier. 4 new homes, 6 pools, 2 wells, 1 well house, 1 fence and 1 driveway were approved to date in 2017.

ROAD MAINTENANCE REPORT was presented by Bill Paschall. In 2017 all roads were crack filled and Oscar and Tres Coronas were chip sealed. In addition, a soft spot near the subdivision exit was repaired and concrete work at the front intersection of Oscar and Tres Coronas was completed. (RMC report -9-9-17). The Road Maintenance Committee will continue to monitor the hot mix that was spread near the subdivision entrance on the right hand side to ensure it is stable.

INCORPORATION REPORT was presented by Monica Hooge. She provided a summary of a report she had previously prepared in August, 2017. She cited some advantages and disadvantages of incorporating. She explained the Briarcliff contract option. She also stated that Senate Bill 6 passed this summer in special session. This Bill allows voters the opportunity to vote on annexation. (2017 Incorp Explor Committee final Report august(1))
A straw poll was taken on the following three options: 1) Proceed with incorporating; 2) Sign a contract with Briarcliff to be in their ETJ or 3) watch and wait, doing nothing for the time being. 4 property owners voted to incorporate, 20 voted to contract with Briarcliff and 7 voted to wait and watch. The Board will take this under advisement and report more at the January annual meeting.


CCRs: Sue Bennett reported 59 Written Consent forms out of a possible 157 had been received from property owners. A minimum of 119 forms approving an amendment are required for any one amendment to pass. She asked everybody who has not yet submitted their form to do so in order to complete this project.

BOAT RAMP/PARK AREA. Karl Hancock reported that we are still waiting for the Bermuda grass to grow by the parking area at the boat ramp. Until that happens we will not be able to get our refund from LCRA. He said he will call LCRA again to come out and look at the area. Native grasses are now filling in the area.
On two occasions volunteers met at the boat ramp area to clear overgrown and dead vegetation to the right of the parking area.

FRONT ENTRANCE: The front entrance beds have been cleared of dead, dying and overgrown vegetation by a professional landscape company. The rock pillars have all been repaired (mortared where needed) and one was completely rebuilt with a 17 inch footing. Caps have been placed on the pillars to prevent rainwater from collecting inside the hollow pillars, saturating the ground, causing shifting and further damage.
Nancy Lambros made the following Motion: For the new landscaping at the front entrance the Board shares what is being proposed, the proposed design, and the owners can vote on it. Tim Skergan seconded the Motion.
After discussion, Megan Klein made a Motion to Amend : The Board gets plans for landscaping at the front, presents them at a Board meeting, allows input from those present and the Board makes a decision on the final plan. Mindy Smith seconded the Amended Motion. A vote was taken and the majority approved the Motion to Amend and the Amended Motion.

NEW BUSINESS: Time was provided for property owners to discuss items not on the agenda.

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 3:30 pm