Board of Directors Meeting via Zoom held on 9-8-20.
All five Board members were present and 4 residents registered in via zoom
Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm
Previous meeting minutes approved.
Treasurer’s report: Cindy Clifton presented the current report, citing expenses paid since the last meeting.
Committee Reports:
ACC: Greg McLemore presented the ACC report. He assumed duties from Toni Brewer on April 1, 2020. Summary chart
presented. There have been a couple of exceptions to the one year limit on completing a dwelling due to the covid
pandemic. Committee member Steve Intres resigned.
Road committee: Sue Bennett summarized the2020 annual meeting report recommending $10,000 for 9 intersection
curbs, $20,000 for crack fill and $5,000 for misc.
Unfinished Business: The quote for a 2nd camera for license plate recognition was extremely high and decision was
made not to purchase it.
New Business:
Resident Nancy Lambros suggested posting a “burn ban in effect” sign near the front gate. This may be a topic to discuss
at annual meeting. Will look into the cost.
John Martin brought up the topic of an online format for the annual meeting. We may have to go with electronic voting.
There are several companies to research.
Joel Mitchell made a motion: Authorize the board to spend up to $250 to identify and test an online meeting solution to
the annual meeting including voting. Luis Martinez seconded. Unanimously approved.
Joel made a second motion: to form a sub group and solicit volunteers to evaluate and test the system and make
recommendations to the Board . Luis seconded. Provide charter with questions regarding accessibility, security,
transparency, cost. Unanimously approved.
Sue Bennett made a motion : to dissolve the boat ramp committee, close the boat ramp bank account, and transfer
those funds into the operating account. Unanimously approved.
Discussed reason for having zoom meeting back in april without notifying HOA members. Learning experience, covid,
emergency meeting. Won’t happen again.
Broke for Executive session:
8:30 pm reconvened Board meeting and summarized the executive session:
We have openings on both the ACC and the RMC. An email will be sent to all property owners asking if anyone is
interested in serving on either committee. In the meantime, Karl Hancock will assist the current RMC in getting some
road maintenance projects completed this year.
Meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm