PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 8/4/2014
Board members John Byington, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Vice President Nick Granelli was unable to attend. Property owners Cody Gibson, Laurie Byington, Robin Newlin, Sue Bennett, Jim and Linda Brown and Charles Patterson were in attendance.

The minutes were not read. They were posted on the Paleface Ranch website ahead of the meeting. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as posted.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

    The Association has received $375.00 in ACC fees and a construction deposit for the Smith property. Gate remote sales total $60.00. Three transfer fees have been received. The Association paid $742.00 for legal fees related to the boat ramp and this money was pulled from the boat ramp fund. The gate was repaired – both loop detectors on the exit gate were under mud and and to be replaced – for $464.00. Whiteside commercial insurance policy renewed for $4661.00. Legal questions related to the oak wilt trench project have cost $175.00.

    The D&O insurance policy is due on the 15th, a little higher than budgeted at $2650.00. The policy has been transferred from Frost to Whiteside (the company holding our commercial policy). Frost won’t carry customers who only have a single policy with them.

    The red column on the budget indicates areas where money can be pulled to cover the cost of oak wilt trenching. They include $200 from boat ramp, $2000 from contingency, $500 from ground maintenance, $1300 from legal fees. No money was pulled from road maintenance.

    ACC Report
    The ACC has approved a new construction application from Hamm.

    The ACC continues to monitor progress at the Olson site and the Walsh site. Both are beyond the required 1-year timeframe for completion of construction. Walsh is very close to completion. Olson has a roof on the house, a new framer, additional materials are on the way but there is no clear answer on time to completion.

    Road Committee Report
    Next Monday BigTex will begin the chip seal work on Oscars Echo, Indian Divide Road, Indian Divide Cove, Likeness and Improver. They will level and chip seal the entry. They will also sweep the loose rock on the roads that were chip sealed last year (Successor, Replica, Envoy and Performer).

    Old Business
    Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
    The contractor will be on site 8/5/2014 to start pouring concrete for the wall.

    Highway Right-Turn Lane
    Nancy will have a quote for the right turn lane for presentation at the annual meeting.

    Oak Wilt Trench Update
    Since the Special Meeting on July 15th, the required utility waivers have been collected from each property owner on the trench line and the Texas A&M Forest Service cost shares application was submitted on July 21st. Oak Wilt Specialists was selected to do the trenching work. On July 29th the Forest Service flagged the trench line. Jim Brown will be fixing his own driveway to his standards. Mike Hellrung advised the board he would not allow trenching on his lot unless the contract included brush removal. Megan will get brush removal bids. Approval of the TXAMFS cost share application is expected roughly three weeks after submission. Next step is to get Oak Wilt Specialists of Texas trenching authorizations completed by all property owners on the trench line and set a trenching date.

    Entry Beautification – Sign
    Robin Newlin is getting quotes for two designs that Luis Martinez drew up. The designs and quotes will be presented at the annual meeting.

    Entry Cleanup
    The board was asked to consider a plan to clean up the entrance for $2100.00, including weeding, trimming, mulch turnover, etc. With the sign project, right turn lane, and chip seal at the entrance, the board decided not to take on an additional cleanup project at this time. A volunteer cleanup day will be scheduled as soon as the weather cools.

    Oak Wilt Sign
    Several ideas for an oak wilt sign have been submitted. Megan and John will work on getting a sign for the subdivision entrance.

    Oscar Road Sign
    The Oscar Road sign has not been put up at the road because a larger bracket is required for the larger sign. Megan will order the bracket and get the smaller sign up until the bracket arrives.

    New Business
    No new business was brought to the meeting.

    The next HOA Board meeting will take place after the annual meeting at a date and time to be determined.