8-7-18 Paleface Ranch Board of Director’s Meeting held at 23423 Oscar Road in Spicewood, TX
Meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm. All Board members were in attendance so a quorum was met. Five residents were also in attendance.
MINUTES: Reading of the minutes was waived. Previous meeting minutes were approved.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Chrissy Carr presented the current reports. Insurance for the year has been paid; both liability and officer’s policies. There are still 3 outstanding dues for this year. (2018-8-6 treasurer report)
ACC: Tony Alvarado presented his report. So far this year 3 new home applications have been received as well as 2 applications for other projects. One home has been completed this year.
ROAD: No new report was presented. Sheila Jenkins will speak with Bill Paschall about crack filling later this year. Big Tex did the previous chip sealing and Wheeler did the crack filling.
BOAT RAMP: No committee members were present. Karl Hancock said that a 16×22 inch No Trespassing sign would cost about $50 – we need two: one located at the top of our boat ramp road and one down at the water. Brenda Alvarado made a motion to approve the purchase of two signs: no trespassing, private property. Chrissy Carr seconded
the motion. It passed unanimously.
BOAT RAMP: There was discussion about filling the drop off at entrance to the parking area. The Board will get bids to concrete the length of our current parking area with a two foot wide ramp of concrete. The intent is to prevent the gravel from moving away from the road which creates a drop of several inches as one turns into the parking area.
We have to contact towing companies to determine if they will patrol our boat ramp area and, if so, what will they charge to tow vehicles that don’t belong there.
FRONT ENTRANCE: Sergio Cruz has been mowing the entrance area by the gate and also behind the fence for $125 each time. David and Florrie Davis planted some flowering plants and have been watering them daily. Diane Wigington pruned the salvia greggi around the entrance sign.
ROADS: Roundup was sprayed on the weeds growing in the roads. Most streets have been sprayed but a couple more have to be done. Gary Jenkins will continue to mow the road shoulders as well as the boat ramp/park area.
Speed bumps: Our insurance policy has an exclusion – meaning we have no coverage for any vehicles if they are damaged while driving over the speed bumps. Florrie Davis got a bid from Wheeler for six speed bumps. The rubber speed bumps would cost $26,875 and the asphalt ones with striping would cost $17,650. We may present this information to the members at next annual meeting.
VIOLATIONS: BOD members drove through the subdivision again and found 22 violations. The Board will send out letters to individual violators.
CCRS: We have received about 70 Written Consent forms. We need 119 favorable forms to pass an amendment. We will contact members again via email.
Should we erect a water storage tank at the top of the boat ramp road? Brenda has been communicating with fire department personnel. Issue may be quality of tank – the plastic/vinyl variety will collapse if fire dept has to draw water from it. We will not pursue this issue further…too expensive.
Next meeting: Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30 pm at Karl Hancock’s house. Meeting adjourned at 7:39.