PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 7/22/2013
Board members Bill Paschall, Karl Hancock, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Property owners Sue Bennett, Cody Gibson, Kim Richards and Robin Newlin were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Karl made a motion to approve the minutes; Bill seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

The Association sold five gate remotes. Transfer fees of $300.00 have been received. The insurance payment of $4596.00 was the commercial policy. Certified letters were sent to the two property owners with outstanding HOA fees, Presley and Webb. The certified letter for Presley was picked up; Webb’s was not picked up and was sent again as regular postal mail. A payment of $10,000.00 was made to the contractor for the boat ramp parking area expansion project. $11,992.00 was paid to Rhoades Sealing for crack fill of all streets in the subdivision.

Gail made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Bill seconded. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Power Wash/Stain the Mailbox Cover
We currently have three quotes for cleaning and staining the mailbox cover, the lowest being $900.00. Neighbor Gary Jenkins will do it for $850.00. Karl has a couple painters he’d like to check with before the board makes a decision.

Road Crack Fill
The crack fill job has been completed. The job was well done. Bill suggested we have Rhoades Sealing come back in the Spring and Fall on a continuing basis to crack fill.

The subdivision roadside easements have been mowed by property owner Gary Jenkins. Gary submitted a gas bill for $43.72. The board is grateful for the volunteer labor and unanimously agreed to pay the gas receipt.

There are currently nine mailboxes left. The Association will purchase another mailbox cluster now. It may not be installed immediately.

CTWC Membership
Paleface Ranch HOA is now a member of the Central Texas Water Coalition. The CTWC was organized to address water issues of the Lower Colorado River Basin and advocate for the preservation and conservation of the Highland Lakes’ water supply and water levels for health, safety, and recreation, and for recognition of the Highland Lakes as an irreplaceable economic engine for the State of Texas. Adding Paleface Ranch HOA to their membership roster lends weight to their cause and keeps us abreast of the latest news affecting our water supplies in the Highland Lakes.

New Business
Road Maintenance
Chip seal of the cul-de-sacs is slated to begin in the next month. Performer, Successor and Replica will be done first. Chip seal on Indian Divide Road and Indian Divide Cove will not be done this time because of the construction traffic related to the boat ramp parking lot expansion.

Drainage Culvert Erosion
The drainage culverts are eroding in places and need some attention. The culvert on the west side of Oscar between the Claunch’s property and the Tres Coronas intersection is drastically eroded. The south side of the top of Replica Road is also a growing problem. Megan Klein and property owner Steve Hooge took a look at both areas. Steve’s recommendation was multi-faceted: that the trees obstructing the washes be cut off at the ground, leaving their roots and disturbing the rest of the existing vegetation as little as possible; that the runoff be slowed with a combination 3×5 rock with dirt on top in the eroded culvert – the rock to slow the water and the dirt to gradually sift into the rock and provide and base for new vegetation growth; and finally to further slow the runoff in especially steep areas, rock berms. These steps have been taken in the past at Paleface Ranch to successfully address this very same issue in other areas. Megan will coordinate the effort.

Easement Tree Trimming
The trees, primarily the mesquites, in the roadside easements need to be trimmed back to facilitate road maintenance, including mowing. The easements are mowed eight feet out from the road and passage ten feet up must be granted for the mower to not be whacked by branches. A paint mark has been placed on the road next to all trees that need attention. A message will be emailed to property owners in the coming days asking that they help take care of any problem trees on the roadside edges of their properties.

The topic of municipal incorporation will be on the agenda and up for discussion at the annual HOA membership meeting in September. It’s an idea that has both merits and drawbacks. The board is continuing to research all aspects of a Type-C General Law Municipality in an effort to write a balanced ‘short-version’ document to send to the membership prior to the meeting. It’s a complicated subject and the Board continues to reach out to all parties who might help us better understand the pieces of the puzzle. The Board has no opinion at this point whether incorporation is a good idea for Paleface Ranch; it is simply an idea worth exploring. The discussion at the annual meeting will be the Board’s first opportunity to gain feedback from the HOA membership, the determining factor in any decision for or against incorporation.

Covenant Violations
Four covenant violations were reported. Bill contacted the property owners concerned. The boats at 23621 and 23617 Indian Divide Cove have been moved. Lattice will be added to the existing water tank screen at 24120 Oscar Road to more effectively conceal it. The ‘obnoxious activity’ reported at 1516 Likeness Road on July 20 was in reference to a loud party. Bill has spoken with the property owner.

Annual HOA Meeting Planning
There will be a planning meeting on Monday, August 12, 2013, for the Board to prepare for the Annual HOA Meeting.

The next Board meeting will be the Annual HOA Membership meeting on the second Saturday of September, the 14th.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary