Paleface Ranch Board of Director’s Meeting 7-29-17 held at 1508 Successor Rd in Spicewood, TX

All Board members were present along with the 3 committee chairs and 3 other interested residents.
Meeting called to order at 9:34 am

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  There are 4 members who are in arrears in dues payments.  We have received an insurance renewal policy.  Chrissy obtained quotes from other companies as well as our current carrier.  The contractor who chip sealed our roads has been paid in full.2017-7-29 treasurer report

ACC Report:  Since the last meeting, one new home was approved and one request is pending.  One pool was approved.

RMC Report:  Road chip sealing has been completed and was done under budget.  The contractor has been paid.

Incorporation Report:  We are awaiting the Texas Legislature decision on annexation laws.  A meeting was held in June for all lot owners to attend.  A straw poll was taken with the majority vote indicating we should take no action now.  A presentation will be made at the upcoming annual meeting.  Meanwhile, 2 residents are continuing research into incorporating.2017-7-29 Incorp report to BOD

Old Business

CCRs:  We have received only 53 CCR Consent Forms.  We need 119 forms  approving a CCR change before it would become a permanent CCR.  A lot owner still has not removed the tent in his back yard.  He has been sent a letter advising him the tent is not allowed per our CCRs.  K arl will speak with him and Sue will send the letter again.  All other violations have been resolved.

Boat Ramp/Park Area:  There is a void under the boat ramp road that is exposed now that the water level has receded.  We will get a couple of bids to determine the best fix.  We’ll need to use concrete.  We also will look into renting a pump to shoot concrete underneath the road.

Front Entrance: LTG Landscaping has removed dead and overgrown vegetation from the front entrance.  We will plant new plants in the Fall.  The same company will be contacted when it is time to mow and weedeat the entrance area.  The cap for our sign has not yet been ordered.  The pillar that was falling apart has been rebuilt.  As well, all pillars have been remortared where necessary.  We discovered that the pillars were not capped and water was pouring in and not draining.  We are exploring options on capping them.  The fence needs to be painted.

New Business

We must find a CPA to review our financial records this coming month per our Bylaws.

No action was taken on the ACC Membership agenda item.

Sue will email the Solicitation for Nominations to all of the lot owners to determine who is interested in running for the Board of Directors. Three Director positions are expiring.  The Bylaw amendment for changing the annual meeting date has been prepared.

Meeting adjourned at 10:46 am