The following meeting minutes reflect the actions taken by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. (the “Association”) at the regular meeting of the Board conducted on June 9, 2016 (the “Board Meeting”).

Location: 23802 Oscar, Spicewood, Texas 78669
Attending: Karl Hancock (President), John Wray (Vice President), Heather Martinez (Secretary), Steve Barker (Director), Mindy Smith (Treasurer).
There were approximately 17 property owners in attendance.

Called to order at 8:01pm.
Enough board members present for quorum.

President’s report
Karl addressed allegations about the board interfering with the RMC and explained the board felt obligated to examine the large spread of cost estimates. A dues increase may become part of the discussion related to the ability to fund the road maintenance over the next few years. He also explained the three-person structure of the RMC.

Minutes of April meeting read:
Requested changes:

  • Nancy would like the minutes to show a word other than removed in relation to her leaving the ACC.
    • The April minutes already stated, “On March 30, 2016 Nancy was asked to leave the ACC and focus her energies on the needs of the RMC.”
  • Clarification that the RMC work hasn’t been approved because the board’s decision was contingent on treasurer’s, Mindy, approval due to the disparity in the bids. The board didn’t get Mindy’s approval, so a decision had not been made yet.

Karl motions to approve the minutes with the requested changes reflected. John seconded. Motion passes. (Mindy abstained from this vote as she wasn’t present at the April meeting.)

Treasurer’s report
Since the last meeting, money spent was $833. Most of it is utilities, gate work, and the venue for the annual meeting.
Currently six properties under construction with deposits.
Twelve homeowners are delinquent.
Based on budget, spending 82k this year on roads would dent into our reserves by 32k. Based on projected RMC work, there won’t be enough later.
Heather motions to approve treasurer’s report. Steve seconds. Motion passes.
Treasurers Report 6-9-16

ACC report (Architectural Control Committee)
5 house under construction, 1 expansion. 6 deposits because approval is pending. 2 other houses are imminent. Other projects include expansion of shop, lake tram, shop, and solar panel.
Mindy motions to accept ACC report as stated. Karl seconds. Motion passes.

RMC report (Road Maintenance Committee)
Up to ten vendors from original seven. Tres Coronas has been postponed to account for funding discussions.
Recommendations: Riveria, Hinds, Big Tex. Other recommendations are to avoid using Raul because of his affiliation with Cummings.

Bylaw/CCR committee
Terry dropped from committee due to work conflicts.
Plan to meet with the lawyer to make sure the wording is correct, send proposed changes to the community, and have a community meeting to get comments from neighborhood.
Changes fall into three areas: update bylaws and/or CCRs to reflect current law, administrative, and issues affecting the neighborhood over time.
John explained block voting. It is an attempt to have a productive and efficient annual meeting.

Old Business:

Boat ramp enforcement:
Ramp needs Bermuda and it will be done. It has been planted but at the time of the meeting, the Bermuda was under water.

Karl motions that the boat ramp committee be disbanded. Steve seconded. Motion passes.
Boat ramp maintenance:
Ramp will need mowing of the filter strip of grass and possibly grading once or twice a year. Hoping for volunteer mower or bundle it with the front entrance mowing.

Ratification summary:
The board officially ratifies the departure of Nancy Lambros from the ACC. The board consulted attorney and he said the board did act correctly. Interested people can call attorney with questions. John motions we put the attorney’s letter in the minutes. Steve seconded. Motion passes.
Legal Opinion Regarding Nancy Lambros ACC
Ratification Consent Nancy Lambros ACC

Right turn lane:
The board is no longer pursuing a right turn lane because TxDot could rip it up during their project on highway 71 without reimbursing the neighborhood for the expense. Then the neighborhood would have to put it in again. There aren’t any funds available for a right turn lane.

The complaint form is on the right hand side of the website, under Neighborhood Information. It is not anonymous. It is designed to encourage neighborly discussion of issues and alleviate the burden that can come with the board’s option to actively search for violations. The CCRs give the board the right to search for violations, but the board is not obligated to do so.
Mindy explained that the only recourse to enforce CCRs is legal action.

New Business

Participation Policy:
John read article 9 of the bylaws.

Article 9.05 Open Meetings. Regular and special meetings of the Board shall be open to all Members of the Association; provided, however, that Association Members who are not on the Board may not participate in any deliberation or discussion unless expressly so authorized by the vote of a majority of a quorum of the Board.

John has proposed a draft in an attempt to make board meetings more efficient and productive.
The idea is for the board to do its business but allow non-board members to have an opportunity to speak. Sign up before the meeting. Sign up might lead to the topic being put on the agenda. Potential problem because law requires agenda to go out 72 hours in advance.
John motions that we make this a board policy and that it is implemented at the next regular board meeting. Karl seconds. 4 in favor. 1 not. Motion passes.
Participation Policy

Executive session:
Karl announces the board is going into an executive session to discuss road contracts and committee appointments. Heather explained that dues increases may become part of the discussion of the road contracts. As a possibility of being discussed, she was required by law to put a dues increase on the meeting notices.
In session the board discussed contractors, contracts, and appointments to both committees. Until the road costs are resolved, we are not able to determine a need for a dues increase.  We discussed rescinding the motion to approve the RMC recommendation from April’s meeting. Executive session closed.

Karl motions to rescind the approved motion of the RMC’s recommendation from April. Steve seconds. Motion passes.

Karl motions to appoint Khrisana Edwards as the new ACC member. Heather moves to amend the motion to reflect Khrisana has no say so whatsoever in her house. Mindy seconds the amendment. Amendment passes. Motion now reads We are appointing Khrisana Edwards as the new ACC member as long as she has no say so whatsoever in her house.  Mindy seconds amended motion. 4 in favor. 1 not. Motion passes.

Karl motions to appoint Bill Paschall to the RMC. Steve seconds. Motion passes.

Heather moves to standardize road work with desired specs for the neighborhood. Karl seconds. Heather amends motion to read we standardize road work with desired specs for the neighborhood based on an engineer’s scope of work with specific rock, specific oil pour ratio, rock rate, and application rate. Mindy seconds amendment. Amendment passes. Mindy seconds amended motion. Motion passes.

Annual meeting venue secured. One Chapel on highway 71 at 22800 Hwy 71 West on September 10, 2016.

John motions to adjourn. Steve seconds. Motion passes.
Adjourned at 10:33pm.