PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 6/2/2014
Board members John Byington, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Vice President Nick Granelli was unable to attend. Property owners Chris Olson, Sue Bennett, Mike Hellrung, Heather and Luis Martinez, Gary and Gay Scharrer, Robin Newlin, Jim Brown, Jennifer and Ron Ronharr, Cody Gibson, Nancy Lambros, Tyler O’Brien, Pamela Humble, Teresa Paschall, Nancy Platt, and Charles and Clara Patterson were also present.

The minutes were not read. They were posted on the Paleface Ranch website ahead of the meeting. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as posted.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

    The Association has received all 2014 HOA dues except for those from Presley ($2450), Webb ($850), and Kathman. Kathman did send $200, but still owes $250 ($200 plus $50 in late fees). Letters with late fee invoices were sent to all three property owners back at the beginning of May. The letter to Webb included a note that the Association would pursue a lien on his property if dues were not received within 30 days.

    Property tax appraisals for 2014 have been received. Estimated taxes due for the five properties are $168.92 which is lower than last year’s 2013 taxes of $176.55.

    A single transfer fee was received for a property sale at 23928 Oscar Road (Kuan-Yu Fu to Marty Walker).

    Homes under construction include Olson on Likeness (01/10/13), Walsh on Improver (01/10/2013), Orris on Likeness (04/04/13), Alvarado on Indian Divide Cove (09/18/13), and O’Brien on Likeness (04/07/14).

    Insurance renewals are coming up in July (Commercial Policy) and August (D&O).

    At the next meeting we will need budget estimates for 2015.

ACC Report
The ACC has approved the construction of a privacy fence at 1911 Oscars Echo (Cauley), a new home at 2115 Oscars Echo (Smith), a shed at 23528 Oscar (Gibson), a pool and patio at 23601 Indian Divide Cove (Farr), and installation of a water tank at 23509 Indian Divide Cove (Alvarado) and another water tank at 23605 Indian Divide Cove (Peters).

The ACC continues to monitor progress at the Olson site and the Walsh site. Both are beyond the required 1-year timeframe for completion of construction. Both property owners are making steady progress.

The ACC Proposed several changes to the ACC Rules:

    1. A separate ACC application will be required from lot owners for a well to be drilled regardless of building a home or not. The $75 application fee will be waived.

    2. “Start of construction” is defined as the date the ACC approves and signs the application. The ACC may pre-approve and delay signing until the lot owner declares he is ready to start construction. This gives the lot owner the full 1 year. The ACC expects construction to start within 45 days of approval and signing.

    3. $2000 construction deposit
    3a. The ACC will require the $2000 deposit to come from the lot owner, not the builder, in order to press the lot owner to adhere to the 1 year time limit.
    3b. A penalty will be imposed for going over the 1 year limit at the rate of 10%/month ($200/month) to be taken from the $2000 deposit.

    4. Prior to the movement of any heavy machinery and/or vehicles onto a lot for the purpose of the construction of an improvement, the ACC will require a culvert or driveway, as may be required by the terrain, to bring the height of any access road to at least the height of the Private Street, creating a horizontal or inclining plane of access onto the lot.

Road Committee Report
Rhoades Sealing has crack filled all roads except Performer, Envoy, Replica and Successor which were chip sealed just last year. The job was well done and has been paid. Crack sealing at the edge of the entry and Highway 71 was not done.

The Association wants three chip seal quotes. Nancy has already secured two and is inclined to go with Big Tex which is by far the least expensive of the two received.

    BigTex (Terry Goodwin – Johnson City) came in at $50,689.00 for a heavier rate (0.38 + CRS2 oil) or $55,493.00 for 0.38 + CRS2P oil with polymer added. BigTex will level and chip seal the entrance for an additional $640.00. Nancy is still checking their references.

    PaveCo (Barney Luke – Comfort) came in at $90,362 for a 0.35+ CRS2 oil rate. PaveCo said they would include the entry repair and chip seal in the number already quoted. How the repair would be done was unclear. The roads to be chip sealed are Likeness, Indian Divide Road, Indian Divide Cove, Oscars Echo, and Improver.

    The Wheeler Paving quote should come in tomorrow. They gave a ballpark quote of $30/sqft for the meeting.

Highway Right-Turn Lane
It is likely the Association will not need to have an engineer design the right-turn lane off Highway 71 into the subdivision. The turn lane needs to be excavated 14″ deep and 100′ long with a 4/1 steepness limit. The culvert must be extended to divert water off the road. There are lots of traffic control requirements during construction. Reed Smith, a civil engineer at TXDOT, will submit a report which we can take to contractors to secure bids for the project ahead of the annual meeting. Still needed are a formal drawing, a bid specification and a TXDOT driveway permit.

Old Business
Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
Repeated attempts to contact the contractor by phone and email have gone unanswered. The Association has hired an attorney to write a demand letter. The letter has not yet been sent but should go out within the next two weeks. The project remains about 60% complete. The contractor has been paid roughly $23,000.00.

Highway Right-Turn Lane
See the Road Maintenance Report (above).

Oscar Road Sign
The Oscar Road sign has not yet been mounted on the pole at the entrance. Due to its size it required a different mounting bracket than what is currently on the pole. Megan will order a new bracket and Gary Jenkins will mount the sign.

Erosion Control
The last rock berms have been placed in the Oscar Road easement near the entry intersection of Tres Coronas. Thank you to Steve and Monica Hooge for their help. The remaining rock has been piled at the top of the boat ramp. It will need to be moved after the boat ramp parking lot construction has been completed.

PFR Sign Painting
Toby Newlin completed the prime and repaint of the Paleface Ranch sign at the entrance.

CCR Violations
The trailer at 23510 Oscar Road will be moved. The owner of the unscreened water tank at 23327 Tres Coronas agreed to screen it. The owner of the unscreened propane tank at 23340 will be getting a new tank and screening it or burying it. The water tank at 23528 Oscar Road will be screened.

Board / ACC Communication
The Association Board and the ACC will communicate at no less than three points in the construction of every new home.

    1) The committee will confirm that the board has received a transfer fee before approving plans.
    2) The ACC will provide a report on the status of ongoing construction projects at each board meeting.
    3) The ACC will notify the board just prior to the committee’s final walk through of a new home construction.

Weed Kill
RoundUp was sprayed on the road edges at the end of April.

Mailbox Lighting
The idea of lighting the mailbox enclosure was withdrawn.

Meeting Notices
Zip ties work well but the sign font is too small with the agenda included. The agenda will be posted on the website in the future.

Drop Off at Tres Coronas and Oscar Road
After further research, Megan suggested the best way to address this problem was with wood posts and a guardrail. The request that the Board address this problem was withdrawn.

New Business
Front Entry Beautification
Luis Martinez presented a few design ideas for a new entry sign. Tyler O’Brien inquired about presenting a couple ideas for polishing the entrance. Robin Newlin expressed interest in working with Luis to secure quotes for a new sign based on Luis’ designs. They will work together toward presenting options for the Association to vote on at the annual meeting.

Welcoming Committee
Laurie Byington would like to start a welcoming committee that would contact new owners and present them with a fruit basket or other nice human touch. Toby will pass along information about new owners to Laurie.

Trespassing Complaints
The Board received two trespassing complaints. One was about horses. Megan sent a message to all the Paleface Ranch horse owners asking that they stay off the property concerned. The second was about a vehicle trespassing on a property along the power lines. The handling of trespassing complaints is a law enforcement issue. There is nothing in the CCRs about trespassing. Should you have trespassing concerns, please contact law enforcement.

ACC Violation
No culvert was put in place prior to construction at the property at 2B/A30 on Likeness Road. The Board received a complaint and referred the matter to the ACC. A culvert is now in place.

An oak wilt disease center has recently been confirmed in Paleface Ranch. It affects portions of eight properties. Oak wilt is a fungal infection that attacks the water transport system in Red Oaks and Live Oaks and kills them. It passes from tree to tree through their extensive, interconnected root systems. It has already killed dozens of live oaks and is expanding outward at 50 – 100 feet per year.

Though a possible oak wilt center was aerially identified by the Texas A&M Forest Service as far back as 2007, recent drought conditions have masked it from notice to property owners on the ground.

When alarming numbers of live oaks getting plenty of water began dying on Jim Brown’s property he called a certified arborist, Don Gardner, and received a diagnosis of oak wilt.

Shortly thereafter the Texas Forest Service was called in to identify the scale of the problem. It affects approximately 12 acres.

The most effective method of containing the problem is trenching which severs the interconnected roots of the trees and stops the spread. Trenching involves using a circular rock saw to cut a trench 4′ – 6′ deep. The trench is positioned at least 100 feet out from the leading edge of the disease and fully encircles the oak wilt disease center. Depending on the soil, it is between 60% and 75% effective along 100% of the trench. Permanent containment will likely require additional trenching in the event oak wilt penetrates the trench.

The Texas A&M Forest Service has identified the leading edges of the disease spread and identified a containment trench line, encompassing approximately 22 acres. If the trench is cut according to the Forest Service map, the project is eligible for the Forest Service cost-sharing plan which reimburses 40% of the total cost of trenching up to $10,000.00.

[Up until this meeting the “oak wilt project” was being led by Megan Klein. At this meeting everything was turned over to property owner Mike Hellrung. He will take the project forward: deciding on a course of action, getting quotes and figuring out funding options.]

The next HOA Board meeting will take place August 4, 2014 at John Byington’s home, 23409 Tres Coronas, at 7:00 p.m.