Paleface Ranch Board of Director’s Meeting 6-10-17 held at 2302 Improver Rd in Spicewood, TX.
All Board members were present along with the 3 committee chairs and 3 other interested residents.
Meeting called to order at 9:35 am
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
Treasurer’s report: There are still 3 or 4 outstanding HOA dues for this calendar year. Since our last meeting, expenses of $559 and income of $3,634 are noted. 2017-6-10 treasurer report
ACC report: 2 new requests for pools bring total in process of being constructed to four. I home construction to begin soon. I well was drilled and one patio approved.
Road Maintenance report: Oscar and Tres Coronas were chip sealed this past week. Contractor will finish up next Monday. Still have to chip seal intersections about 40 feet into side street. A different polymer oil was used – hot as opposed to cold – and that shaved about $3,000 off the cost. That savings will be used to chip seal the intersections. Contractor will chip seal the Successor cul de sac where rock was stored as well as the intersection of Replica & Successor where the large trucks turned around, at no additional charge. Invoices will be obtained proving type of rock and oil used is that material we paid to use.
The cul de sac at end of Replica was damaged when a pool was being built in that area. We will attempt to recoup cost of repair (chip seal) from that pool company.
Incorporation report: Monica Hooge had prepared a lengthy report and has scheduled an open meeting on 6-20-17 for all neighbors to attend and ask questions. The report was emailed to all lot owners. There is no urgency in resolving this issue as we are a few years away from being in danger of annexation by Lakeway or Bee Cave. The Committee recommended a deal/contract be struck with Briarcliff to become part of their ETJ agreeing that services will not be provided by Briarcliff nor requested by Paleface Ranch. Perhaps a 15 year contract with two 15 year auto-renewals, similar to Briarcliff’s contract with Thurman Bend residents, will be appropriate. 2017 Incorp Committee Report First Draft (1) and 2017-6-10 Incorp report
Unfinished Business: We have received only 54 responses to the CCR amendments. Phone calls and emails will be sent to those lot owners who have not yet submitted their written consent forms. We would like to complete this project soon.
An email letter will be sent to those lot owners who have trailers sitting in their front yards as that is in conflict with our CCRs.
Boat ramp area grass looks good and Karl will contact LCRA again to obtain their approval and a refund of our deposit. The boat ramp itself is in need of repair and it is thought we can rent equipment to shoot concrete under the ramp – we need the river to recede about 2 more feet before we can do that.
Next Fall or Winter we may obtain bids to complete clean up by the boat park area. There is still a lot of the wild grape vine high up in the trees as well as low lying brush.
New Business: A cap has been ordered for the front entrance Paleface Ranch sign and should be installed soon. Caulking and touch up painting will then need to be done.
We have obtained two bids and are awaiting a third bid for repair of the stone pillars around the fence at the entrance. One pillar will have to be broken down and rebuilt and a couple of others need the mortar repaired.
We will remove overgrown agave plants, cactus plants and dead flowers from the front beds and replace them with other xeriscape plants and mulch. We have some rock we can use to create a border. We will try to hire someone to maintain the front area, mowing and weed eating, and budget it in next year.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 am