PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 5/13/2013
Board members Karl Hancock, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Board member Bill Paschall called in halfway through the meeting. Property owners Ken Klein and Sue Bennett were also present.

The meeting began with a report from the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee in which their recommendation for the parking lot expansion was presented. The committee, Karl Hancock and Bill Paschall recently met with contractor Pat Haas at the boat ramp parking lot to define the parking lot expansion project in terms of an angled cement wall versus a limestone block wall or vinyl seawall. The angled cement wall is not only less expensive than the other two options, it is also a more structurally sound choice and, at a nearly 45 degree angle, is much safer than the vertical walls which would have had a 9ft drop in some areas.

Contractor Pat Haas has submitted a detailed plan with an estimated cost of $27,000 – $33,000. The plan calls for adding 45-50 feet of compacted fill to the width of the existing parking lot and a concrete slab wall at a 45 degree slope down to the 681′ line. The plan also calls for two sets of steps down to the 681′ line and a raised side walk and rail at the top edge of the sloped wall (river-side edge of the parking lot). The wall will have concrete footers. The contractor is fully insured. If the board moves quickly to approve this project and sign a contract, clean free fill is currently available which will decrease the overall cost by up to $3000.00.

Gail made a motion to secure a contract from Pat Haas, with project cost not to exceed $30,000.00, and to proceed with the expansion of the boat ramp parking lot as detailed in the plans presented, taking advantage of the free fill currently available. Karl seconded the motion; all approved. Karl will contact Pat Haas.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There was a correction to the spelling of Pat Haas’ name, spelled Haus. There were no other corrections. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes, as corrected; Gail seconded.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

The Association has sold five gate remotes. ACC fees have been received from Granelli and Orris. $500.00 in HOA fees were received; two (Presley and Webb) remain outstanding. Toby will send a certified letter to Webb. The Association received one transfer fee with the sale of the Grissom’s house. The front entrance was cleaned and mowed for $75.00 and utility expenses were $191.00. In anticipation of an incoming bill for crack filling, $12,000.00 was moved into checking from the Road Maintenance money market account. The investment account is up about $3000.00 year to date. In the construction account, $2000.00 was paid back to Granelli and $2000.00 was received from Orris. Property taxes went down this year for lot 12 (the boat ramp lot) from $71.36 in 2012 to $48.83 in 2013. Toby is expecting to receive another transfer fee from the sale of Kacey Roy’s property next week.

Gail made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Karl seconded. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Power Wash/Stain the Mailbox Cover
We currently have three quotes for cleaning and staining the mailbox cover, the lowest being $900.00. Neighbor Gary Jenkins will do it for $850.00. Karl has a couple painters he’d like to check with before the board makes a decision.

Incorporation of Paleface Ranch
Bill would like the board to discuss incorporation with the membership at the annual meeting in September. The board will research and write a balanced document to send to the membership prior to the meeting illustrating the pros and cons of incorporation and the reasons it might or might not be a good fit for Paleface Ranch.

Road Crack Fill Report
Rhoades Sealing has started crack filling neighborhood roads. Indian Divide Road, Indian Divide Cove, Improver and Oscar’s Echo have been completed. The work looks good, thus far. The contractor’s application wand broke while crack filling and he needs to take his whole rig up to Dallas to get a new wand fitted. There will be a delay in completion.

Investment Account
The investment account contacts have been updated and the account is now set up for online access.

Hellrung Lawsuit
In response to Paleface Ranch’s Request for Summary Judgement, Michael and Donna Hellrung filed a Notice of Non-suit without Prejudice on May 8th. This effectively means the lawsuit against Paleface Ranch is over.

Oscar Road/Highway 71 Street Sign
Megan contacted TXDOT and a street sign is supposed to be forthcoming.

Boat Ramp
Bill added concrete to the drop off the edge of the boat ramp at its intersection with the parking lot. The drop off the edge of the ramp was becoming extremely tall.

New Business
Wildfire Seminar
Jeff Sellers, a local firefighter and President of Wildfire Consultants, has offered to conduct a free seminar on home fire safety and wildfires for Paleface Ranch. The seminar will contain information on home fire safety, fire statistics, video and wildfire information. Those who attend will receive a free in home fire safety evaluation which can be set up the evening of the seminar. The seminar will take place Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7PM at 23802 Oscar Road.

Covenant Violations
Two covenant violations were reported. Bill contacted the property owners concerned. The pickup truck at 23916 Oscar Road has been moved. The water storage tank at 24120 Oscar Road has been screened.

Roadside Weed Kill
The weeds at the road edges need to be knocked back. Megan and Gail will spray RoundUp before the end of the month.

The next HOA meeting will be Monday, July 22, 2013 at Toby Newlin’s home at 2800 Indian Divide Road at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary