5-18-21 Board Meeting


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

6:30 pm via zoom

Called to order 6:32pm

Minutes approved – John motion, Cindy second

Treasurer Report

  • Income from remotes, dues, transfer fees has grown
  • Minimal stragglers of dues, with further late fees end of June
  • Taxes paid for 2020 in April, in advance of deadline
  • Cindy will publish budget to the board and Joel will help get into Dropbox

Committee Reports

  • Chris Preece – Roads Committee
  • Chris met with MLAW in April, but engineer hasn’t returned calls since then
  • All cul-de-sacs are in poor condition & need chip seal soon
  • Road base at gate entry will need to be replaced
  • Some other areas may also need base replaced
  • Recommendation is to concrete turn areas
  • Contractors are not returning calls due to everyone being busy
  • Work is best done at the peak of summer heat.
  • Committee will move forward when bids are in and contractor is selected
  • Karl Hancock will rejoin the road committee

No ACC report.  Written distributed via email.  No issues or concerns.

Unfinished Business

  • Mindy Smith has resigned as chair of front entrance committee
  • Board will seek new leadership and work to find more committee members
  • After discussion, board agrees committee should address the overall entrance design & aesthetic while ensuring the sign is repaired

New Business

  • Board agrees Gary will ahead with mowing
  • Board discussed benefits of new communication plan and approach.  There will be further discussion & research offline.

Executive Session skipped

Adjourned 7:17pm