5-15-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on 5-15-18 at 23409 Oscar Rd, Spicewood, TX

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm.  A quorum was met as all board members were in attendance. Five residents and two committee members were also in attendance.

Minutes of the prior Board meeting were approved.  They were not read.

Treasurer’s Report:

Chrissy Carr reported that all but 3 lot owners have paid their dues, inclusive of all late fees.  Liens have been filed for the 3 that are in arrears.

She noted that the taxes were larger than expected due to our investment returns.  (see report  here)

Committee Reports:

ACC: Tony Alvarado reported that currently there are 5 homes under construction and one new project application was received.

RMC: Sheila Jenkins reported that crack filling will be done in the Fall.  The weeds growing in the roads, particularly on Oscar, have not yet been sprayed.

BOAT RAMP: No committee member was present. Work on warning signage and towing companies is ongoing.  An update will be provided at the next meeting.

Unfinished Business:

Front entrance: David & Florrie Davis and Sue will work on the landscaping at the front entrance.

Boat Ramp area: Karl Hancock reported that he met with Teddy Rivera to discuss pouring concrete at the driveway entrances to the parking area at the boat ramp.  An estimate of around $2500 was obtained to cover the cost of digging out an area about 18 inches in width, laying rebar and pouring an apron/ramp area.  This is to prevent the rock from washing out.

Board members will meet at the ramp Saturday morning at 9 am to determine how much area to concrete.

Three bids will be obtained to cover the cost of mowing the area we just cleared.

Speed Bumps: A resident requested speed bumps be installed on some of the roads in the subdivision.  This was previously discussed at the annual meeting and the majority of residents voted not to pursue the speed bumps.

Motion on the floor by Sue Bennett:  The Board does not install speed bumps at this

time. Chrissy Carr Amended the Motion to add: but will consider it at the next annual meeting. Brenda Alvarado seconded the Motion.  Unanimously passed.

Meanwhile, David will research costs of speed bumps and Brenda will contact our Insurance company to discuss liability and premium increases.  This information will be presented at the next annual meeting.

Road Signs: A resident recommended the Board purchase and post signs at the entrance to our subdivision noting that the Thomas Ranch project is a mile up the road.  The Board declined to do so opting to wait to see if it becomes a problem.

Violations:  Brenda and Sue drove through the subdivision and found 19 lots with CCR violations.  Most of these were trailers and boats being visible from the street.  There were also travel trailers on a couple of lots. A reminder email will be sent to all lot owners advising the CCRS must be followed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:16 pm