The following meeting minutes reflect the actions taken by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. (the “Association”) at the regular meeting of the Board conducted on April 14, 2016 (the “Board Meeting”).

Location: 1210 Likeness Road, Spicewood, Texas 78669
Attending: Karl Hancock (President), John Wray (Vice President), Heather Martinez (Secretary), Steve Barker (Director).
There were approximately 12 property owners in attendance.

Called to order at 8:00pm.

Karl motions, John seconded. Enough board members present for quorum.

Minutes of February meeting read

Corrections on road: if chip seal isn’t in May, it needs to be August. Karl motions for the minutes to reflect the change. Steve seconds. Motion passes. Changes recorded in online minutes.

Treasurer’s report

Mindy was not available so Heather presented the treasurer’s report. The board’s questions for Mindy are the following.

Are the transfers shown in the report?

Is this report current or projections through the end of the year?

Do we have the money listed, $82,000?

The board would like Mindy to confirm available funds before they approve any action for the RMC to take.

Treasurers Report 4-14-16

Secretary’s report:

Incorrect Oscars Echo address: 2 have had Tres Coronas addresses

New owners can’t be reached because title company won’t divulge emails, but say they’re forwarding the welcome and dues information.

ACC report (Architectural Control Committee)

4 houses under construction at end of February, March had 1 new home application that was approved, 2 other project applications: a pool and a weather station pole-both approved, 5 homes under construction at the end of March, 1 new home application pending in April

On March 30, 2016 Nancy was asked to leave the ACC and focus her energies on the needs of the RMC.

Section VI:  Architectural Control Committee

Article 6.04 states:

 6.04. Appointment and Removal. Except as provided below, the right to appoint and remove all regular members and alternate members of the ACC at any time, with or without cause, shall be, and is hereby, vested solely in the Declarant. However, Declarant, at Declarant’s sole discretion, may assign such powers of appointment and removal to the Association, when formed, or at any other time deemed appropriate by Declarant.

RMC report (Road Maintenance Committee)

The cumulative total cost is shown in the parenthesis:

1) Chip Seal – Tres Coronas – $54,000 ($54,000)

2) Hot Crack Sealing – $11,372.90 ($65,372.90)

3) Pothole – $1500 ($66,872.90)

4) Concrete – Oscar Edge Repair – entrance near front gate & and on the exit side from the last driveway to the exit gate — approximately 100 feet on each side – $11,500 ($78,372.90)

5) Concrete edge and corner repair at Oscar and Tres Coronas- #1 — near the entrance – $3200 ($81,572.90)

4B may be able to offer a package discount if we use them for items, 3, 4, and 5. The vendors provided cost estimates for all the maintenance items individually so we could have flexibility to pick them a la carte as needed however, it usually results in a higher individual price.

Old Business:

Boat ramp parking expansion status

Finished. LCRA wanted to see Bermuda grass growing and rye dead. Bermuda is coming up.

Megan Klein reported that ramp is being undermined, needs soil or gravel.

Maintenance mowing, get a quote from vendor that mows the front entrance.

Bylaw/CCR Committee Report

The committee wants to educate the neighborhood on the entire voting and amendment process. The committee plans to discuss proposed amendments with the neighborhood in the next few months. This is so there is enough time for everyone to learn about the proposed changes and provide feedback. The next step is to present the final versions of the amendments for vote at the annual membership meeting. The information may go out via emails, calls, and possibly neighborhood meetings.

The proposed changes include updating amendments to align with current laws and address neighborhood issues.

Road repair schedule

April/May and August are proposed times for work to be done.

RMC recommends a dues increase so the roads can be maintained without a gap in repairs. The board tabled the discussion and acknowledged the possibility of the need for a special meeting to discuss the potential dues increase.

Pot hole warranty work

Work completed.

New Business:


The discussion pertained only to limiting the clearing of live oak during the oak wilt season: February – June. Some points were as follows. The discussion was tabled.

Permits would be available to builders or situations warranting an exception

Enforcing the limitation would be tricky.

Send emails to the membership reminding them that it is dangerous to trim live oaks during February – June. All cuts should be covered immediately to prevent the beetles from using the sap to transfer the disease.

This subject is up for proposal by the Bylaws/CCRs committee.

Committee eligibility /authority

The full-time committees are the Architectural Control Committee and the Road Maintenance Committee. The policy change was to encourage participation from a wider variety of volunteers. The policy now states “In order to promote more involvement from subdivision members we have decided to limit the number of committee positions that one person can serve on. This pertains to permanent committees only. The board believes it is in the community’s best interest to have a broader participation level.”

Karl motioned that one person cannot serve on two permanent committees simultaneously. Permanent committees being defined as road maintenance committee and ACC. Steve seconded. Motion passed.

John motions that the charter for the Bylaws/CCR committee be shown that the committee will dissolve by December 31, 2016 with the possibility of extension by board decision. Karl seconded. Motion passes.

Garage sale date

Sue is not hosting garage sale due to lack of interest.

Nonresident boat launching

The boat ramp sign is worded so that a member can call the police and the police have authority to ticket or tow.

The board discussed the option of a sticker or pamphlet to go under wipers or on windshield requesting members show placard or proof of residency. No motion was made.

Email reminders to include your boat ramp pass placard when parking a vehicle at the ramp. Recreational vehicles, side x sides or ATVs, need not have a placard as the assumption is a recreational vehicle was used by a member.

Enforcement issues

Boat house repair companies have been using the ramp to service nonresidents. Used to tell them to use the public launches. Record license plate and place a sticker warning of future towing. Send an email note to homeowners about using the ramp passes!

Plan next meeting

June 9th, 8pm, 1210 likeness.

Adjourn 9:57pm