PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 4/14/2014
Board members John Byington, Nick Granelli, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Property owners Sue Bennett, Fran Raymond, Ken Klein, Heather Martinez, Jim Brown, Cody Gibson, Nancy Lambros and Charles and Clara Patterson were also present.

The minutes were not read. They were posted on the Paleface Ranch website ahead of the meeting. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Nick seconded. The minutes were approved as posted.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

    The Association has received $61,633.34 in HOA dues from 155 property owners. We should receive another $266.66 from property owners who took advantage of the payment plan option and another $100.00 from one owner who paid only $300.00. We expect to receive a total of $62,000.00, not including dues from long term late payers: Presley ($2425), Webb ($825), and Kathman ($425). The next late fee will be incurred on May 1, 2014.

    The Association’s 2013 income taxes have been filed. Nothing was due since total expenses for the year were larger than total income received. The extra expenses could be used to offset the capital gains that were received.

    Steve Wenzel, the engineer for the boat ramp parking lot wall has been paid in full in the amount of $1331.00.

    One new construction deposit was received for the O’Brien property on Likeness. Homes under construction include Olson on Likeness (01/10/13), Walsh on Improver (01/10/2013), Orris on Likeness (04/04/13), Alvarado on Indian Divide Cove (09/18/13), and O’Brien on Likeness (04/07/14).

ACC Report
The ACC has approved the construction of the new home of Tyler O’Brien, the re-drilling of a well on the Feingersh/O’Brien lot, and a propane tank at the Gibson’s.

The ACC continues to monitor progress at the Olson, Orris and Walsh construction sites. All are beyond the required 1-year timeframe for completion of construction.

The ACC is contemplating amending the ACC Rules to include the forfeiture of construction deposits at a level of 10% per month that construction exceeds one year. The ACC is also considering amendments to the ACC application stating that $2000.00 construction deposits must be made by the homeowner, emphasizing the 1-year time limit on construction and the levies the ACC has the authority to enforce, and including a field for the property owner to state a commencement of construction date.

Road Committee Report
A crack fill contract with Rhoades Sealing has been approved for $28,531.00 and will be scheduled as soon as we have a dry period of 5-6 days.

Two chip seal quotes are in for Likeness, Indian Divide Road, Indian Divide Cove, Oscars Echo, and Improver. PaveCo (Barney Luke – Comfort) came in at $90,362 for a 0.35+ CRS2 oil rate. BigTex (Terry Goodwin – Johnson City) came in at $50,689.00 for a heavier rate (0.38 + CRS2 oil) or $55,493.00 for 0.38 + CRS2P oil with polymer added.

Two chip seal quotes for the front entrance area between the gate and 71 have been received. BigTex gave two options: $640.00 to level and $1191.00 for 0.38 + CRS2 oil or $1304.00 for 0.38 + CRS2P oil with polymer added. The leveling would be for the asphalt area which has sunk a little bit right before the concrete section next to the keypad. The PaveCo says he will do it as part of the cost for the other four roads.

The Board asked Nancy Lambros to get a third quote for chip seal and to check the references of BigTex.

Old Business
Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
Very little has been accomplished on the boat ramp project. John emailed and called Pat Haas but received no return communication.

Nick made a motion that the Association retain an attorney to write a letter of intent to sue. John seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. John will contact an attorney.

Highway Right-Turn Lane
The Association must fund a right turn lane into the neighborhood from Hwy 71. Nancy asked for quotes from contractors but was told she needed a more exacting description of the project from TXDOT. A TXDOT engineer was called and the project described as a 10″ flex base with a surface of hotmix.

Refinishing Old Package Boxes
The package boxes have been powder coated to match the new mailboxes. The job was done by Austin Powdercoating for $625.00.

Oscar Road Sign
The Oscar Road sign for the entrance off Highway 71 has been purchased and received. Megan will get it mounted on the pole.

Erosion Control
Rock berms have been placed at the top of Replica at the outlet of the drainage underpass to slow the flow of water. Large boulders have been dropped into the yawning maw where the flow of water was threatening to undermine the road. Many thanks to Sue Bennett for her donation of boulders and to Jim Hinton and Steve Hooge, Luis and Heather Martinez and Ken Klein for their donations of time, labor and resources.

Parcel Locker Keychains
Leather keychains have been placed on all parcel lockers to protect the painted finishes of the boxes from scratches.

Entry Cleanup
The entry cleanup was a success. Thank you to all who volunteered. We need an agave for the planter next to the exit gate.

PFR Sign Painting
It’s probably time to talk about a new Paleface Ranch sign at the entrance. For now, it can be primed and painted and it will hold together for a while. Toby will prime and paint. Heather Martinez volunteered Luis Martinez to come up with sign designs for review at the annual meeting.

Covenant Violations
Nick has addressed the complaints received about the property at 1911 Oscars Echo with the property owner. The property owner will take action to resolve the problem.

A water tank at 23327 Tres Coronas is unscreened.

A propane tank at 23340 Tres Coronas is unscreened.

A water tank at 23528 Oscar is unscreened.

A Note About Trespassing
Megan sent a note about trespassing to the neighborhood on March 3rd.

New Business
Action on Property Owners Delinquent on Dues
Webb – Toby will send a letter informing property owner that a lien will be placed on his property in 30 days; Presley – John will contact an attorney to up the amount on the lien; Kathman – Toby will send a late notice to property owner for the second quarter.

Board / ACC Communication
Recent instances of extremely short time spans between lot purchase and the beginning of construction, and instances of construction sites not being appropriately cleared before the return of deposits, have brought to light the need for closer communication between the Board and the ACC. Several vital check-in points were identified.

    Application received & not yet approved
    ACC updates of ongoing construction at Board Meetings
    Final check before a deposit is returned.

The Board will suggest updates to the ACC Rules to establish guidelines for Board/ACC communications.

Weed Kill
Megan and Gail will spray RoundUp on the road edges at the end of April.

Mailbox Lighting
John Byington suggested the mailboxes be lighted with motion sensing lights. He will investigate the options.

Meeting Notices
The magnets used on the first set of notices affixed to the gates worked well. They were not reusable and could not be found again. Those that were used the second time couldn’t hold up to the wind and the signs kept falling. It was suggested that zip ties be used in the future.

Dropoff at Tres Coronas and Oscar
There is a rather extreme edge to the road at the stop sign turning right off of Tres Coronas onto Oscar leading out of the neighborhood. Megan thinks this might be fixed with a few boulders from Sue. Megan will investigate further.

Megan Gave the Gate Code to the World!
Amy Fraser wanted it to be known that Megan gave the gate code to every elementary school parent for a community meeting held at her house for parents of children attending the new West Cypress Hills Elementary school. Amy contacted Megan saying many parents at school had approached her, concerned about the security problem giving out the gate code could cause. Megan promised to have the gate code changed after the meeting and didn’t. In her own defense, Megan readily admitted to having given the April gate code to the principal who then disseminated it widely. She also explained that she had contacted Nancy Lambros to change the gate code but was told that the code reader was acting up and there was a real risk of losing multiple months of codes if it were changed. Megan did not inform Amy of the decision to not change the gate code. Six parents and the principal – three of whom needed to use the gate code – showed up at the meeting.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place June 2, 2014 at Toby Newlin’s home, 2800 Indian Divide Road, at 7:00 p.m.