Board of Directors Meeting held via zoom on Thursday, April 30, 2020
All 5 Board members participated.
Meeting called to order at 5:04
Treasurer report: Unanimously approved as presented by Cindy Clifton (4-30-20 P&L)
ACC: Greg McClemore has replaced Toni Brewer as chair of the ACC. He assumed his responsibilities on April 1, 2020.
RMC: The Board has received nominations for a new member as Bill Paschall resigned.
New Business:
A resident has requested permission to house a 3rd horse as a foster. Our CCRs state a limit of 2 horses per lot. They will be informed that their request is denied.
The stop sign on the corner of Replica and Successor has been knocked over. We will attempt to reset it.
There were two incidents involving damage to the front entrance area.
A driver veered off Hwy 71, driving through the barbed wire fence and crashing into the fence behind the mailboxes, damaging the fences as well as the 4 rock pillars. We have had all the damaged areas repaired and recovered insurance money as the driver had coverage.

The second incident involved a delivery truck driving through our entrance gate as it was closing. We have reached agreements with the driver’s insurance company and will repair the damaged gate.
In addition, we will take this opportunity to widen the two gate openings by about 10 inches.
Motion made by John Martin: Move to do the gate repair and do the widening. Passed unanimously.
We discussed other projects at the entrance but decided to postpone any further work . In the future, we will address power washing the four large pillars that support the cover over the mailboxes. We will also address stabilizing the pillars on the exit side of the entrance at a later date.
Meeting adjourned at 5:46