Paleface Ranch Board of Directors Meeting Saturday, April 22, 2017 held at 1210 Likeness. Steve Barker, Chrissy Carr, Karl Hancock, John Wray and Sue Bennett (all Directors) were in attendance along with 6 residents.

Called to order at 10:07 AM

Reading of the prior meeting minutes was waived. Steve motioned to approve, John seconded and they were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s report: Chrissy reviewed the Profit and Loss Budget as well as current balances. There are just about 5 residents who have not yet paid their 2017 HOA fees. A few others have past due amounts. Late fees continue to accrue.2017-4-21 treasurer report

ACC report: Robert Fraser advised that currently there are 6 homes and 2 pools under construction. Two homes were approved since our last meeting.

RMC report: Karl reported that contractor Big Tex will begin the shoulder repairs to Oscar near the front gate within the next two weeks. Chip sealing of Oscar and Tres Coronas should begin in mid-May. It is imperative that residents not drive over the fresh chip sealing for a few days. We will ask the contractor if there is a product, even plywood, that could be placed over driveway entrances until the oil and rock has set.

Incorporation report: Monica Hooge said the committee members have met twice and are gathering information relating to the subject matter assigned to them. There is no urgency to incorporate as it is believed we have 3-4 years before another jurisdiction could overtake our subdivision. She hopes to have a final report prepared within the next month for the Board to review. She noted that only Paleface Ranch permanent residents (those whom have a voter registration showing an address within Paleface Ranch) will be able to vote if it is decided to incorporate. The plan is to have the information presented at the annual meeting on 9-9-17. We anticipate having a report emailed to all lot owners a month prior to the annual meeting.

Unfinished Business: We have received only 48 CCR Amendment Written Consent Form from the lot owners. 6 people have been assigned the task of calling those whom have not yet complied. We believe it is important to submit the Written Consent forms whether you agree with the changes or want to say NO to the amendments.

The boat ramp/park area needs additional clean up. There are a lot of dead limbs and brush on the ground. We must burn, haul off or chip the large pile of brush that was gathered on the first work day. In addition, there are weeds growing in the gravel parking area and they must be eradicated. Grass seed and perhaps fertilizer will be thrown on the grassy area again. We are still waiting to receive our deposit back from LCRA who is insisting on better grass coverage in areas.

A resident had requested copies of an invoice and was provided with the information he requested. We had not received the invoice in question, along with a few other invoices, from our attorney but we were able to obtain them after a phone call was made.
New Business: Gary Jenkins has been mowing our road shoulders for several years and incurring those costs himself even though previous Boards have offered to compensate him for gas and repairs. It takes several hours to mow each time and occasionally rocks or barb wire or other objects damage his tractor. A motion was made by John to: reimburse for out of pocket expenses, including gas and maintenance, and take it out of existing line items in the budget. Seconded by Steve and unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM.