PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 3/18/2013
Board members Karl Hancock, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Board member Bill Paschall was not able to attend. Property owners Sue Bennett, Fran Raymond and Jim Hinton were also present.

Pat Haas was invited by Karl Hancock to speak to the board about a different idea for the Boat Ramp Area parking expansion. Pat is a homebuilder who specializes in subdivision concrete installations and is licensed to work with the LCRA. His proposal involved a concrete slab laid at an angle along the existing slope as opposed to previous ideas of a vertical wall. After his presentation the board requested that the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee meet with Pat at the ramp to review his proposal.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

The Association has sold 20 gate remotes. Three delinquent payments on dues were received with $125.00 in late fees. $400.00 in transfer fees has been received. The Association paid $138.00 to the gate repair company to replace broken links and tighten bolts and $60.00 to an accountant to answer a few tricky tax questions. The Association owes $140.00 in taxes. $15,000 has been transferred into the Boat Ramp Money Market account for the boat ramp parking area expansion project. Half of the money received from dues has been put into the Money Market account for road maintenance.

Gail and Toby went to see an accountant to clarify questions about taxable income. The Association must start issuing 1099s to any unincorporated entity performing services totaling more than $600/yr.

Megan made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Karl seconded; the treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Additional Parcel Storage Locker
The board received a request to acquire additional package boxes for the mailbox area. Megan found a parcel locker 16”W x 62”H x 18”D with two package boxes 12” x 19.75” x 15”, including a post, in a postal gray finish for $824.00. The board decided not to pursue the additional locker at this time.

Power Wash/Stain the Mailbox Cover
Karl has two quotes – $900.00 and $1140.00 to power wash and stain the mailbox cover. A cost driver was the fact that there is no water at the gate. It’s $150.00 extra to truck in water. Gail has a painter she’d like to get a quote from before this decision is made.

Gate Combination Lock
The combination on the lock on the center gate has been reset to match the January 2013 gate keypad code.

Newspaper Delivery
The newspaper delivery lady needed the gate codes to access the subdivision. Karl got the codes to her.

Incorporation of Paleface Ranch
Nothing new has been done since the last meeting.

Road Crack Fill Report
Most recent status on the crack fill is that the contractor is waiting for the weather to cooperate. Megan will request an update from Nancy.

New Business
Oscar Road/Highway 71 Street Sign
The street sign at the intersection of Oscar Road and Highway 71 is missing. Megan will call TXDOT and see about getting it replaced.

Investment Account
The investment account has the names of old officers on it and needs to be updated. Toby brought the document to the meeting.

Please wait on mowing and cleaning up flower beds until after the bluebonnets have bloomed.

The next HOA meeting will be Monday, May 13, 2013 at Gail Finnegan’s home at 1512 Likeness Road at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary