The following meeting minutes reflect the actions taken by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. (the “Association”) at the regular meeting of the Board conducted on February 4, 2016 (the “Board Meeting”).

Location: 1210 Likeness Road, Spicewood, Texas 78669
Attending: Karl Hancock (President), John Wray (Vice President), Heather Martinez (Secretary), Mindy Smith (Treasurer), Steve Barker (Director).

There were approximately 16 property owners in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 8:01pm

Approval of minutes:

  1. Minutes from the December 5, 2015 meeting were read
  2. Mindy motions to approve minutes as they stand. Steve seconded. Motion passes.

President’s Report

Approval of financial statements

  1. 25 outstanding dues, 7 on top of that are on payment agreements
  2. Late notices going out next week

Committee Reports

  1. Architectural Control Committee
    1. 4 houses under construction, no new homes started in 2016
    2. Driveways & culverts: per CCRs to be to Travis county specs, see handout 4.01in CCRs, recommending paved aprons to protect roads
      1. Link to Travis County page on website
      2. Concerns raised by membership about ACC being more restrictive than the county
    3. Provide checklist to builder or homeowner at the beginning of the process.
      1. Have homeowner and builder sign off on checklist
  2. Road Maintenance Committee Big Tex Paving – Terry did last year, a little higher than the budget, Measured the width and included the front gate area to explain the difference of $2353.00
    1. Edges at front and each intersection $5700.00, premix
      1. Would put down asphalt when he does the regular road work, 2 trucks worth or 24 tons would cover the whole neighborhood
      2. Doesn’t include base, in his opinion the slant will be effective
    2. Would have to be ready by May or wait until August
    3. Pot hole needs repair again. Glen won’t be a permanent fix. Make a warranty call to have it fixed.
    4. Terry would offer a permanent fix, proposal is $1900.00.
    5. Paveco $90,000.00
    6. Ruvalcabas Paving Co
    7. Wheeler Paving – big company
  3. Turn lane: expand hwy to 281, Nancy has a link to check on projects, office doesn’t know timeline

Old Business

  1. Boat Ramp
    1. needs Bermuda grass instead of rye, waiting on $4000.00 deposit to be refunded
  2. Documents Committee
    1. Get governing documents in the correct place, something in place to amend bylaws and ccrs
    2. Develop proposed changes and amendments to make sure in statutory compliance, make changes to address issues that have been recurrent in the neighborhood.
    3. Proposed Charter for the Documents Committee
      1. The purpose of the PRAI Documents Committee is to develop proposed amendments, including changes or additions, to the PRAI Bylaws and CC&Rs to ensure alignment with current statutory requirements and provide for the betterment of the community
      2. In a way that:
        1. Ensures that the committee has a charter and has clear boundaries and goals as approved by the board
        2. Develop a working process that is in alignment with all bylaws and CC&Rs and statutory requirements for revisions
        3. Develops a process that allows for timely, proactive input from the community at large, existing operating committees, and the board
        4. Develop a timeline of work that allows for appropriate discussion and review by the community before the annual meeting in September. Goal is 3 months prior
        5. Communicates the process and timelines to the community in an effective manner
        6. Develops a plan to communicate, discuss, and promote the proposed changes to the community in a way that assures understanding, openness and trust
        7. Develops a communication plan with the board that keeps it fully apprised of the progress and direction of the committee work
        8. Addresses current community concerns that would require Bylaws/CC7R changes
        9. Holds committee meetings as required to achieve the task
        10. Ensures that proposed changes are reviewed by legal counsel for clarity and acceptability
        11. Operates with a vision of improving our community as a great place to live
      3. So that:
        1. The PaleFace Ranch Association governing documents are in alignment with statutory requirements, effectively address governance concerns, and protect and continually improve the unique nature of our community
      4. Committee Sponsor/Charter Approver: PRAI Board
      5. Proposed members: Terry Dill, Robert Fraser, Monica Hooge, Bill Paschall, John Wray
      6. Committee Chair: John Wray
      7. Committee Co- Chair: Monica Hooge
      8. 2 ways to pass CC7R amendments: 67% about 104 people represented at meeting in person, via proxy, or via absentee
        1. If not 104 people, meet 75 % of total membership plus 75% total land ownership
      9. John moves the board approves proposed charter for the PRAI Bylaws CC&Rs. Motion carries
  3. Road repair schedule
    1. Monica Hooge and Nancy Lambros presented a 5-year road maintenance projection. Hooge began with a brief description of what chip sealing is and the benefits derived from it. She then went over the spreadsheets, noting the following:
    2. Includes dues income only because other income in minimal and inconsistent.
    3. Combined smaller expenses into Misc so the spreadsheet remains manageable. Ex: Bank Charges, Contingency, Filing Fees, Meeting, Office Supplies, Postage, Rent, Website.
    4. Transfers from one account to another are not shown. The spreadsheet shows how much income we have each year and how much regular expense we have each year and how much is left at the end.
    5. Added $7,500 Saving/Future Improvements (a contingency account).
    6. The Cash Balance from previous years come into play after the Net amount. (Hooge believes the $42,351 amount is the 12/31/15 total of all cash NOT including the investment account. Would like for Treasurer to confirm this at a later time.) The previous year balance is at the bottom so that we can see how much income, less expenses is left each year.
    7. You can see with no dues increase we do not have enough money to perform the road maintenance two years from now.
    8. Our last dues increase was $100 effective with 2014 dues (three years ago).
      1. With each $100 increase per lot we have $15,800 more each year.
      2. Based on these estimates and projections we could go until 2020 without needing another dues increase (three years).
      3. The good news is an additional $100 dues increase in 2020 will be enough dues income to sustain/maintain our roads following this pattern until the year 2033.
      4. The $50 dues increase page is to show members that $50 won’t get us where we need to be.
    9. Hooge fielded questions from the Board and then turned the presentation over to Lambros
    10. Engineering analysis plans out the schedule of repairs, about $300.00.
      1. Redo the schedule every 8 years so that the longest roads aren’t in back to back years.
    11. Investment account
      1. $34000.00 in it. Mindy tracked down contact to close it if we want to. Could put it in a money market, cd, or liquidate
      2. John moves that we move out of the investment account into a money market. Mindy seconds. Motion passes.
    12. Status of gate sensors, working and paid for

New Business

  1. Complaints of speeding
    1. send out a reminder to slow down: include teenagers on sport utility honking, requirements for atvs on the road
  2. Concrete ribbons/lay down curb quotes
    1. Nancy heading up, consult with Karl, need 3 additional quotes
  3. Governance committee:
    1. Board approved in last meeting, sent to attorney
    2. Monica can make lawyer’s recommendations
    3. Because of clarification on voting about 67%, one of the amendments isn’t applicable anymore, couple of changes can roll into Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee.
  4. Dues Increase
    1. Start preparing the membership, biannually
    2. Get a projection for $600 annually
    3. State law requires payment arrangement of at least three payments
  5. Next meeting is Thursday, April 14th at 8:00pm.

Adjourn 9:47pm.