22-February-2022 Board Meeting

Call to order 6:31pm

All board members present

John Martin moved to approve minutes, Luis Martinez seconded.  Minutes approved by voice vote.

Treasurers Report

  • Transfers for Roads & Gate reserves have been completed
  • Dues update: 19 lots have not paid dues at this time

Committee Reports

  • ACC
    • No ACC members present.  Written report provided to the board.  No changes since last report.
    • David Wigington must leave the ACC due to State Law.  Family members of the board may not be on ACC committees.
    • Board will solicit the neighborhood for replacement member
  • Roads Committee
    • John will provide the most recent quotes to Bill Paschall & the committee
    • Sue reported weeds coming through cracks in Oscar that need to be sprayed.
  • Front Entrance Committee
    • Contract in place for the sign replacement.  Schedule is 6-8 weeks out.
    • Committee has identified a handful of maintenance & repair issues at the entrance.  No further action required at this time.

Unfinished Business

  • John Martin has addressed the signs that were brought up at the last board meeting.
  • Front entrance committee has moved ahead to finalize contracts & schedule construction.

New Business

  • No new business

Executive Session

  • Discussion of front entrance design.  The board review the CCRs regarding the tank placement and determined the proposed design & placement satisfied the requirements of the CCRs.
  • Diane will remove herself from the Front Entrance Committee.
  • Bill Paschall & Sheila Jenkins will join Roads Committee.  Board will again try to contact current members to assess their interest in continuing.
  • The board will form a “Board Advisory Committee” to provide guidance and hands-on assistance to the board.  Initial Members will be Chrissy Citzler-Carr, Monica Hooge, Megan Klein.  Role of the committee appended.
  • Board positions for 2022 will be John Martin – President, Brian Soldato – Vice President, Joel Mitchell – Secretary, Diane Wigington – Treasurer, Director – Luis Martinez

Meeting adjourned 7:47pm

Board Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Board Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and hands-on assistance to the Paleface Ranch Association Board of Directors.


  • Document responsibilities of all Board positions and create instructions for specific tasks and/or offices
  • Assist the President at Board meetings and the Annual Member Meeting
  • Assist the Secretary in an advisory capacity with minutes and communications
  • Assist the Treasurer in an advisory capacity with QuickBooks
  • Develop an annual timeline connected to documents in Dropbox
  • Assist the Board in abiding by state laws, Paleface Ranch Bylaws and CCRs
  • Assist the Board in drafting/editing member notifications
  • Answer questions Board members may have throughout the year

Committee members do not have any authority, nor do they have any voting rights at Board meetings.


The Board Advisory Committee can be disbanded by a majority vote of Board members.


The initial committee members will be:
Chrissy Citzler-Carr
Monica Hooge
Megan Klein

A committee member may be replaced by a majority vote of Board members.