PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 2/17/2014
Board members John Byington, Nick Granelli, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Property owners Sue Bennett, Fran Raymond, Steve and Christine Intres, Chris and Michelle Olson, Pamela Humble, Nancy Lambros, Ken Klein, Larry Feingersh, Gary Jenkins, Robin Newlin, Luiz Martinez, Mike Boswell, Charles and Clara Patterson and Sharmae Erickson were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

    The Association has received $58,167.01 in HOA dues from 149 property owners; Seven property owners chose to take advantage of the payment plan; one property owner sent in only $300 for dues. Late notices have been sent to six property owners (not including two long-term delinquent owners). Two property owners have longer term back dues owed. Presley is now at $2425. Webb is at $825.

    Two Form 1099’s were sent to contractors – Rhoades Paving for crack fill, and Pat Haas Construction for the boat ramp project.

    Income taxes are due by 3/15/2014 and are estimated to be $1200.00.

    There are four homes under construction: Olson on Likeness (01/10/13), Walsh on Improver (01/10/2013), Orris on Likeness (04/04/13), and Alvarado on Indian Divide Cove (09/18/13).

Old Business
Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
John Byington called Pat Haas, the contractor. He will have a crew out tomorrow, Tuesday 2/18. He is ready to pour concrete. John was given an estimate of two weeks to job completion.

Highway Turn Lanes
The Association must fund a right turn lane into the neighborhood from Hwy 71. The Association will get bids on the project before presenting it to the members. Nick has the TXDOT permitting information.

A left turn lane into the neighborhood is not on TXDOT’s priority list. The subdivision can make a “donation” and TXDOT crews will construct it. The estimated required donation is $150K.

Refinishing Package Boxes
Megan will get quotes on refinishing the old package boxes.

Chip Seal/Crack Fill Quotes
There are lots of cracks on Oscar. Last year’s quote from Rhoades Sealing was $12,000 for 9993 feet of cracks. This year the quote is $28,531 for 22,000 feet of cracks. Nancy will get a contract from Glen at Rhoades Sealing and schedule crack filling as soon as possible.

Last year Cummings Paving chip sealed four of our cul-de-sacs and we had hoped to work with them again. The owner was killed on the job this past year and they are no longer in business. They referred us to PaveCo who will be out to evaluate the roads with Nancy tomorrow 2/18.

The Association budgeted $86,000 for road maintenance. The crack fill job is bigger than expected. We may have to delay chip seal or scale it back. Toby requested that Nancy address possibly repaving/reconstructing the front entrance where the pavement is showing its age.

Oscar Road Sign
A new sign is needed at the entrance to the subdivision, identifying Oscar Road. Megan will order the sign.

Erosion Control
Rock berms have been placed along the road on Oscar near the entrance and at the site of the drainage underpass. It has not yet rained significantly enough to assess their effectiveness. More rock berms are needed at the top of Replica at the outlet of the drainage underpass to slow the flow of water. Additionally large boulders are needed further down where the ditch narrows significantly and the force of water is eating away at the roadside wall. Pamela Humble, Charles Patterson and Sue Bennett all have boulders to donate to the project. Megan will tackle the Replica problem with help from Jim Hinton.

Parcel Locker Keychains
The post office provided keychains dangling from the parcel lockers on the mailbox clusters are scratching the paint as they blow in the wind. Megan would like to replace them with something else. Gail has suggested leather keychains.

New Business
Entry Cleanup
Megan will send out a message to the membership that there will be an Entry Cleanup Day on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

PFR Sign Painting
Toby will paint the sign in the springtime.

ACC Activity
Approved requests: Well house for 23725 Replica – Martinez; Garage for 1512 Likeness – Finnegan.
Deposit refunds: Full construction deposit refund to Torres.
Issues: Well drilled w/o prior approval at 2B/A30 Likeness – Feingersh; One-year construction limit exceeded at 2B/A16 – Olson.

Covenant Violations
A complaint was received about the rock wall at 1325 Likeness. The ACC reviewed the wall and determined that it meets the ACC rules and is not a problem.

The house at 2B/A16 Likeness has been under construction for more than a year. The homeowner has encountered multiple delays with his supplier and supplied the ACC with documentation to support his statements. Because the home is still under construction, the ACC will handle the violation. Nancy will send a letter to the homeowner.

Several complaints from multiple property owners have been received about the property at 1911 Oscars Echo – the number of cars parked around the house, the displeasing appearance of different types of fencing, a fenced area covered with a blue tarp visible from the road. Nick will address these issues with the homeowner.

A water tank at 23327 Likeness is uncovered.

A propane tank at 23340 Likeness is uncovered.

A Note About Trespassing
It was requested that the Association send a note to the membership asking people to please stay off of lots that are under construction. Megan will do this.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place April 14, 2014 at Megan Klein’s home, 23802 Oscar Road, at 7:00 p.m.