2022 Annual Meeting – 22Jan22

Call to Order
Board President John Martin called the meeting to order at 12:51 p.m.

A quorum was met with 77 people represented, and 14 absentee ballots

John Martin reviewed rules and procedures for proposing motions and addressing the meeting.  Votes expected to pass by overwhelming majority (i.e. approve the prior year minutes) were executed through hand vote in person & polling via Zoom.  Close votes & those required by law were executed via ElectionBuddy.

Sheila Jenkins moved to limit debate to 3 minutes per issue per person.  Diane Wigington seconded.
Motion passed.

Approval of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

No additions or corrections were made to the 2021 meeting minutes.
Minutes were approved as published.

Treasurers Report
The Treasurers Report was presented by Board Treasurer Cindy Clifton (published via email prior to the meeting).  Cindy clarified the $5,000 income from PEC was the same as the $5,000 Other Income in the 2021 budget.  The 2021 Financial Report will be posted on the website.

Election of Directors
No nominations were received in advance of the meeting.  John Martin clarified the deadline for the proxy submission will be enforced.  Nominations from the floor included: Joel Mitchell, Luis Martinez, Diane Wigington.  Megan Klein moved to close nominations, Danna Hancock seconded.  Motion to close nominations passed.  With three nominations and three open positions, the nominees are accepted without vote.

2022 Budget
The 2022 proposed budget was presented by Board Treasurer Cindy Clifton (published via email prior to the meeting) John Martin reminded everyone that the budget can be amended during old & new business.
A motion was made to approve the budget by Cindy Martin, seconded by Sheila Jenkins.
The motion to approve the budget passed. The 2022 Budget will be posted on the website.

Road Committee Report: 

No Road Committee members were present to provide the committee report.  John Martin reported that crack fill was completed in February, and that he met with contractors on sweeping & painting the cul-de-sacs, but the summer work window closed.  2021 roads budget was not spent due to lack of committee coordination.  Nancy Lambros spoke regarding maintenance and advocated for planning chip seal in 2022.  Diane Wigington asked for clarification on the crack fill & painting the cul-de-sacs. Painting is used instead of chip seal for turning areas like cul-de-sacs & intersections where the gravel piles up.  Monica Hooge clarified the Association has $160,000 in reserve for road maintenance and road repair.  Megan Klein spoke to the challenge of engaging vendors and suggested pursuing a longer-term maintenance contract.  Josh Shelton commented vendors will not want to come repair a portion of the neighborhood.  Vendors will be more likely to engage for the whole neighborhood or a significant portion of the roads.

 ACC Committee Report:
Gregg Smith presented on behalf of the ACC.  One home was completed in 2021.  Three new homes have been started in the last 30-40 days.  Of the seven houses that were under construction three are expected to be completed in the next couple of months.

 Front Entrance Committee : Chair of the committee, Megan Klein, presented the committee’s report.  Megan clarified there will be two votes: First for the new sign design as proposed by the committee, then later in this meeting, a second vote for the special assessment for the front entrance improvement.  Megan described the new sign as detailed in the committee report.  The Committee did pursue multiple design options & bids.  Members asked questions on the impact of TX71 widening on the proposed sign construction.  Megan stated that TXDOT met with the committee to review the boundary of the front entrance/sign and the committee determined that TXDOT’s plans to widen the highway and add a right and center turn lane will not interfere with the new sign.  TXDOT will relocate & replace the culvert.  The Board will publish the TXDOT report on the website.  Megan made a motion to approve the sign design as presented.  Mindy Smith seconded Vote is: 51 in favor, 10 against.
Motion passes.

Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business

New Business

Proposed Special Assessment for Front Entrance Improvements:
Megan Klein reviewed the details of the front entrance improvements as previously sent to all members.  She detailed the changes to the center gate, center gate drive, landscaping, lighting, and irrigation.  Discussion for & against proceeded.  Vote is: 50 in favor, 41 against.  2/3 majority (61 votes) required for special assessment.
The motion for the Special Assessment failed.

Ken Klein moved to proceed with the front entrance design using existing investment funds.  Mindy Smith seconded.  Total would be ~$39,500 as defined in the proposal.

Mike Hellrung moved to amend the motion on the floor to only execute the center gate removal & stone wall install for ~$12,500 and to use funds existing in the operation account.  Seconded by Josh Shelton.

Amendment failed.
Original motion passes 29-22.

John Martin stated that our time is up for using the church and we need to close the meeting.

Motion to adjourn Mindy Smith, second by Megan Klein.

Meeting adjourned 3:59pm.