PRAI Board of Directors Meeting held on 6-17-2019 at 2409 Oscar Road
A quorum was met as four Directors were in attendance: Karl Hancock, John Martin, Sue Bennett and David Davis. In addition, 5 residents attended.
Meeting called to order at 6:33 pm
Reading of the previous meeting minutes was waived. Motion to approve the minutes was made by David Davis and seconded by John Martin. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report: Our treasurer was not in attendance but we reviewed the handouts. $103 allocated to ground maintenance should be landscaping as it was for purchase of mulch.

RMC: Bill Paschall reported that StevensPaving has started the road repair on Oscar & Tres Coronas today. They have removed a large area of asphalt and will replace with base material and 4 inches of hotmix, $15,870 total. Other low spots in the neighborhood not recommended for repair at this point as it would not be cost effective. Up front, near the
gate, where the road is slanting they will do a top patch with hotmix. . We need to make partial payment of $8,000 tomorrow and Bill will get a check from Mindy. Stevens Paving might do a couple of driveways in the neighborhood at the individual’s cost.
Bill obtained a bid from TXDOT to prepare a right turn lane into our subdivision; it would cost $150,000. They would have to move the ditch, move the culvert, etc. Just for our information, if we have Stevens Paving do an informal turn lane, it would cost $15,000 for 150 feet long are This would not be up to county code and would be torn up when TXDOT widens the road in 3 years.
Bill will ask Stevens Paving how much it would cost to fill in the dip at the entrance to the front gate area as you turn off of Hwy 71.
Motion made by John Martin: In order to maintain safety as turning right into the Subdivision, the Board approve spending up to $750 to have Stevens paving level off the dip. David seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.

ACC: Toni Brewer presented. One new application for a new home; 5 currently under construction. Two improvement
applications were received: one pool and one boat building.

Boat ramp: Ask neighbors if they will spread road base in parking lot area. Karl will get opinion and bid about spreading
road base at boat ramp area from David Roman, HKR Trucking. David will get estimate for concreting that area. The
Board members will meet at the boat ramp area next week to determine our options.

Unfinished Business: cameras
ADT $3104 to install plus $48 monthly fee which includes an Extended Service Protection package which provides full warranty on all installed equipment and will cover service/maintenance visits free of charge…in most cases. If camera is damaged by a third party it would not be covered. This does not include monitoring. ADT would monitor on an as needed basis at an hourly rate of $175. We need two other quotes and John has set up an appointment with a company out of Marble Falls. Four other companies John contacted refused to work with an HOA.

Sue will prepared a proposed letter to be emailed to all property owners reminding them of the need to trim back trees and bushes from the road so whomever mows the road easement will not be impeded or injured. Gary Jenkins & Sean Carr will spray weeds that are growing in the street.

A property on Oscar Rd has a lot of sand washing into and across the road. Karl contacted the owners and asked that the sand be removed from the road and ditch area.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm
Next meeting: Aug 22 at John’s house. This is a tentative date to be confirmed later.