2-9-21 Board Meeting

Minutes of the prior meeting approved as published. 

Treasurers Report

  • 25 owners have not paid 2021 dues
  • Reminders will go out this week
  • Road reserve is $159,180.22, including 2021 reserve

Roads Committee

  • Chris Preece reported
  • Road committee would like to meet with the contractors and pursue recommendations & bids
  • Road committee will pursue three bids from reputable contractors
  • Committee recommends avoiding new construction areas

ACC Committee Report

  • Gregg Smith reported
  • 6 under construction, one on hold
  • One new project submitted application this week

Old  business

  • Reviewed Annual Meeting minutes to align on votes and committee for front entrance.
  • Motion to form a front entrance committee with Mindy Smith chair.  Motion from Joel, 2nd from Cindy.
  • Discussion on size and leadership of committee.  Committee size will depend on interested.
  • Replacement mail boxes have been ordered and shipped.
  • Discussion on annual meeting minutes regarding ballots and voting percentage.
  • Nancy Lambros asked for clarification on the PEC easement and powerline work.

New business

  • Discussion on request to divide previously combined lots on Likeness.
  • Brian Soldato shared his research into the power of the HOA as related to the subdivision
  • Joel moved to table the discussion until the board can consult with the HOA attorney.  Luis seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Discussion on improving the communication to the neighborhood, including text messaging and alternative email communication.  Agreed the functionality of the forum is valuable and everyone desires to keep that.
  • Karl asked if Zoom votes or ElectionBuddy can be used to follow through on the CCR updates.  The board will discuss with neighborhood experts and the attorney if necessary.

Joel moved to move to executive breakout.  Cindy seconded.

  • Cindy will continue as Treasurer
  • Joel will be the new Secretary
  • John will continue as President
  • Brian will be Vice President
  • Luis will be Director

Cindy moved to close. Brian seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:04pm