2-5-2019 Minutes

PRAI Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, February 5, 2019
2302 Improver Rd, Spicewood, TX

Quorum was met as all Board members were present. 4 residents were in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm

The officer positions for 2019 are: President: Karl Hancock, Vice President: Artie Martin, Treasurer: Mindy Smith, Secretary: Sue Bennett, Director: David Davis

Minutes of the previous Board meeting were approved; reading of those minutes was waived.

Treasurer report: Mindy has not yet met with previous treasurer, Chrissy Carr, to obtain HOA information. An updated budget from the annual HOA meeting was emailed to the Board from Chrissy as well as the current balance sheet.
We discussed adding coverage for the retaining wall and fence which would cost an additional $135.45. Tabled until next meeting. Sue will contact our agent for more information.

Committee reports: nothing new to report as we just had our annual meeting 10 days ago.
RMC: We discussed the need to get bids for patching the front intersection of Oscar and Tres Coronas. Also, we will seek advice from an engineer to determine the extent of damage and how soon the patching needs to be done. One, if not two, houses at that intersection are going to begin construction soon.
ACC members: At least one and maybe two ACC members will be stepping down soon and replacements will be sought. We may send out an email asking if anyone is willing to serve on the committee.

New Business:
We were contacted by a representative of the local fire department wanting to come and speak to the Board or members regarding an upcoming district voting issue. Karl will respond and ask for more information.

Artie will research the issue of installing a camera at the front gate. There are many types of cameras on the market. Questions such as how many cameras are needed, cost of the camera, who would monitor, how much would a security company charge, etc have to be answered.  Karl will ask other subdivisions what they have used.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday April 1st at Karl’s at 6:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm