2-11-20 BOD minutes

Minutes of the Paleface Ranch Board of Directors Meeting held on 2-11-2020 at
2302 Improver Rd, Spicewood, TX 78669
A quorum was met as four board members were present and one was present via phone. In addition, seven property owners were in attendance.
The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm
Three new Directors were elected at the annual meeting held on 1-25-2020. Tonight the officers were designated as follows:
President: John Martin      Vice President: Joel Mitchell    Treasurer: Cindy Clifton
Secretary: Sue Bennett     Director: Luis Martinez
Minutes of the last Board of Director’s meeting were approved. Reading of those minutes was waived.
Treasurer’s Report: Cindy Clifton reported she is still in the process of obtaining information from the previous treasurer and entering data into the Quick Book system. There are 24 property owners who have not yet submitted their 2020 annual maintenance fees. An email will be sent to those owners advising they are late and now have incurred a $25 late fee.    A new savings account has been established for $7500 to be put aside each of the next four years for covering the cost of a replacement entrance sign. This was the result of a vote at the annual meeting.    We tabled discussion regarding closing the boat ramp account and transferring that money into the operating account.
Committee Reports
ACC: Toni Brewer reported they have received one new request to build a home. Other projects are proceeding as previously approved.
Road: Bill Paschall’s written resignation letter was read to the Board members by Sheila Jenkins. An executive session will be added to the agenda for the next board meeting to discuss committee assignments.
Unfinished Business:
Cameras: ADT has not yet replaced the camera they installed with one that projects better imagery at night. John has not had any success dealing with ADT employees and believes we should find another provider to monitor the activity.   We purchased the camera and have a month to month monitoring fee. He will research other options.
Adjacent Property: No one had current status information. Sue had emailed our previous president asking for contact
information for attorney Cagle but did not receive a reply. The law firm Mr. Cagle worked for no longer does business in
Texas and he has formed a new law firm. John will follow up in an attempt to get an update on the status of the
boundary easement/agreement.
New Business:
Gate Control Boxes: Prior to the annual meeting, when our exit gate failed, Sue met with the repairman who advised we should replace our current gate control boxes as they were starting to break and fail. They are approximately 17 years old. She obtained bids from Access Controls for two different brands of boxes. At the annual meeting approval
was granted to replace the control boxes. Sue and John met with an employee from Cedar Park Overhead Doors today to obtain another bid to replace both control boxes. John made a motion to immediately replace the two entrance gate control panels with Liftmaster units provided by Access Controls. Seconded by Luis. Motion passed. Sue will contact Access Controls and arrange replacement.
Entrance Light: At our annual meeting money was budgeted to allow for an additional light at the entrance as it is difficult to see the subdivision entrance when traveling from the Marble Falls direction. Sue reported she met with PEC employees to discuss the options for better lighting. There is an existing pole to which a bulb could be installed at no
cost. Our electric bill would increase minimally. Sue made a motion that we have a second light installed outside the fence area. Cindy seconded. Motion passed. Sue will follow up with PEC.
Property Owner Lot Purchase: Two property owners want to buy a lot that lies between their two properties and split it, enlarging their current lots. They are requesting a variance to our CCRs allowing them to each add half of Sec 1, Lot 14 to their existing adjacent lots. Luis made a Motion: To approve property owners of Section 1, Lot 13 & Lot 15 request to have a variance to each add half of Section 1, Lot 14 to their adjacent lots. Sue seconded. Motion passed.   After some discussion the Board decided more time was need to research the CCRs and their ability to split the lot. We will review the CCRs and the Boards ability to grant this variance. Of note, the Board is the Declarant of record.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm