A Board Meeting was held at 2302 Improver Rd, Spicewood, TX on 2-11-17 to discuss the matters of the Paleface Ranch Association Inc.  All Board members were present – Karl Hancock, John Wray, Steve Barker, Chrissy Carr and Sue Bennett.  2 committee members and 5 residents were also in attendance.

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am

Minutes from the 12-3-16 board meeting were unanimously approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Chrissy Carr reported we have collected all but about $8,000 in 2017 dues.  End of calendar year 2016 budget shows a balance of $52,000 because we did not have Oscar Rd chip sealed as planned.  We did spend $4,950 on crack filling in 2016.  John moved that we approve the treasurer’s report; Steve seconded.  Unanimously passed. 2017-2-10 treasurer report

ROAD COMMITTEE REPORT:  Bill Paschall presented bids from two vendors to complete chip sealing on Oscar and Tres Coronas, repair the pothole area near the exit gate, build up the road edges near the entrance and exit gates as well as at the corner of Oscar @Tres Coronas.  We would save quite a bit of money if we chip sealed both main roads this year even though we have budgeted for only Oscar.   Bill will obtain a third bid.  Chrissy made a motion to hold a special meeting on March 4, 2017 to increase the 2017 budget for road maintenance to do both Oscar and Tres Coronas.  Seconded by John.  John then made a motion to amend the language to state we would hold a special meeting on March 4, 2017 to revise the 2017 budget for road maintenance to do both Oscar and Tres Coronas.  Seconded by Steve.  Amended motion unanimously passed.  Motion then unanimously passed in revised form.

ACC REPORT:  Tony Alvarado reported that there are 4 homes currently under construction and another 2 homes have approved projects in the works.

BYLAWS & CCRS:  Our original Bylaws as well as the First Amendment to the Bylaws were filed and recorded on 1-17-17 with Travis County.  The Amendment takes effect on that date.  They were posted on our website and also emailed to the membership.

We have received only 33 Consent forms for the CCR amendments.  119 positive responses are required for any one amendment to pass.  A reminder email will be sent to the membership followed by telephone contact in an attempt to secure the documents.

There are still two residents in violations of our CCRs… an unscreened water tank on Oscar and a trailer in the front yard on Indian Divide Cove.  Karl will speak with both parties.

BOAT RAMP AND PARK AREA:  We will send out an email asking for volunteers to meet at the boat ramp area on Saturday, February 18th to cut dead cedar and brush and generally clean up the area.

We may have to roll out Bermuda grass sod in the parking area as the seeding is not working.  John will contact a landscaper acquaintance to discuss best time to lay sod and get a quote for price of sod.  LCRA still has our deposit and won’t return it until the grass is in place.

ANNUAL MEETING DATE CHANGE:  We will wait until the September meeting to present our proposal to change the date from September to January.

INCORPORATION:  John made a motion to set up an Incorporation Exploratory Committee to look into the possibility of incorporating Paleface Ranch.  Chrissy seconded.  Motion unanimously passed.  An email will be sent out asking if anyone would like to be on this committee.  The committee would then work on a Charter for the committee, starting with the proposed Charter John had prepared.  The Board will appoint a committee chairperson.

NEW BUSINESS:  John proposed changes to Board Policy 1.0.  After some discussion, the issue was tabled.

One of our residents has asked for a copy of a legal invoice.  Chrissy provided what invoice we had yesterday, within 10 business days of the request.

John made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Steve seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am