PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 12/9/2013
Board members John Byington, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present. Board member Nick Granelli was not able to attend. Property owners Sue Bennett, Fran Raymond and Laurie Byington were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

The Association has received one transfer fee, for the Quinn/Patterson property at 23600 Oscar Road, and sold two gate remotes.

On the boat ramp parking expansion project, contractor Pat Haas has been paid an additional $3283.18, bringing the total amount paid to date to $27,183.00.
2013 Property taxes of $176.00 on the five Association lots have been paid.

The new mailboxes were a budget item approved for the 2014 year. Because the quote presented at the 2013 annual meeting included a discount good for 30 days, the Association purchased the mailboxes in 2013. To cover the cost, $9,000 was was transferred from the money market account into the operating account, bringing the total transferred from the money market for 2013 to $34,000. As soon as 2014 dues are received, this $9,000 will be “paid back” to the money market account, in addition to the planned 50 percent of dues that get transferred to that account.

Gail made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; John seconded. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Boat Ramp Parking Expansion Project
A new project schedule is needed due to delays caused by weather and equipment failure. John will contact Karl Hancock to get an update from the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee (BRAIC).

Easement Clearing
The remaining trees overhanging the Road near the intersection of Oscar and Performer have been trimmed back.

Highway Turn Lanes
Aright turn lane into the neighborhood from Hwy 71 must be funded privately. The Association would need to find a contractor who could do the work and either the contractor or the Association would then need to request a permit through TXDOT. Nick recommended getting bids to see if it could be funded before taking it to the property owners.

There are a couple options for the left turn lane. The first involves “politics.” We could convince TXDOT of the hazardous condition, and the potential crash scenarios due to having to slow down in the fast lane to complete a left turn onto Oscar Road. A vehicle being hit from behind in this situation could be sent head on into incoming traffic, for example. We may also have a case for expansion since TXDOT has been expanding the entire road. We would just have to convince them to expand it further west. The other option involves us “donating” the work to TXDOT and paying for it ourselves. That estimates out to near $150K.

New Mailbox Installation
New mailboxes will be installed by the post office tomorrow morning. The existing parcel boxes will be relocated to the end of the pad. After Christmas Megan will get a quote for painting them to match the new mailboxes.

Chip Seal/Crack Fill Quotes
The Road Maintenance Committee has not yet secured new quotes for this year for crack fill and chip seal. Nancy will check with last year’s vendors, Rhoades Sealing and Cummings Paving.

Weed Kill on Road Edges
The sprayer motor was dead when it was hooked up to spray weeds in October. A new motor was purchased and mounted on the sprayer. It is now too cold to spray so the weeds were not sprayed.

Boat Ramp Apron
The BRAIC recommends that the Association wait until the current parking expansion project is complete before it addresses putting a cement apron at the ramp/parking lot intersection.

Covenant Violations
The PODS have been removed from 23608 Tres Coronas. Concerning 1911 Oscars Echo, the dumpster has been removed. The culvert has been found to be sufficient for drainage. John and Nick will speak to the owner about the truck parked in the trees.

Gate Repair
The exit gate was off the rails and Access Controls was called out to repair the problem. The wheels were replaced on the gate. We have not yet received a bill but they may be sent quarterly.

The entrance has been mowed twice since the last meeting and shouldn’t need any more attention until the spring.

New Business
ACC Nominations
There are two positions open on the ACC three-person committee. Two people have been nominated to serve on the committee – Pamela Humble and Nancy Lambros. Both have been approved by the ACC and the board. John will let Cody Gibson know of the board’s decision and notify the new members.

Committee Updates – ACC
The Board, specifically John, will talk to the ACC about receiving monthly updates. Updates can be sent to the Treasurer along with the construction deposit and application or ACC fee (for small projects). The Board needs to know which ACC member is overseeing each construction project.

Outdoor Display Case
The board will look at different options for an outdoor display case. Most communication with the neighborhood is accomplished via email, leaving the only requirement for a display case the posting of meeting notices. The budget for the entry area, and thus a display case, may be severely restricted after painting the parcel boxes.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place February 17, 2014 at Megan Klein’s home, 23802 Oscar Road, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary