The following meeting minutes reflect the actions taken by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. (the “Association”) at the regular meeting of the Board conducted on October 16, 2015 (the “Board Meeting”).

Location: 1210 Likeness, Spicewood, Texas 78669
Attending: Karl Hancock (President), John Wray (Vice President), Heather Martinez (Secretary), Mindy Smith (Treasurer), Steve Barker (Director), Nancy Lambros (ACC and RMC), Monica Hooge (RMC and Documents Committee), Debbie Barker, Luis Martinez, Mike Hellrung, Bill Paschal, Fran Raymond

There were approximately twelve property owners in attendance.

  1. Meeting called to order at 10:05am
  2. Approval of minutes:
    1. Minutes from October 16, 2015 meeting posted on website, approved unanimously by board
    2. Mindy motions to approve minutes as they stand. Steve seconded. Motion passes.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Not a lot of expenses: gate repair and miscellaneous for gate damage to a car before neighborhood was alerted of issue
    2. Will issue a full year financial statement in January.
    3. Other assets of $36, 922 comes from money market investment account.
      1. Liquidate, hold in cash, CDs: John recommends getting it out of stock market type, will email to make a decision to increase the value of the assets.
      2. Dues statements go out next week
    4. Heather motions to approve the report as it stands. Karl seconded. Motion passes.
  4. Secretary’s Report
    1. 1 gate remote sold, 1 agenda submission to personal email, 2 to praisecretary@gmail.com.
    2. New extreme Velcro attachments at gate for notice posting.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Architectural Control Committee
      1. 3 under way, Schumway, Kim and Rita project, Wray; nothing received this month, 4 construction applications received to date, 7 completed  applications for other projects received to date.
        1. Propose revisions to rules
        2. Require paved apron where drives interface with the street, Travis Co. requires 12ft wide with 5ft radius, in rules
          1. Monica Hooge suggested have criteria to determine specs for CCRs and specs for ACC rules
          2. Discussed the language of CCRs about driveway and culvert, want to modify to enforce it, expand scope to help with enforcement, falls under ACC to make the request to update aprons or lack thereof.
          3. Grandfather people or give them time to come up to new rules’ specs? Ask to update when leaks out into road.
        3. Want to add more details to culvert rules: 18in diameter, 12ft wide, add culvert at beginning of regular use
          1. Karl Hancock recommends a guideline about drop down. Travis county specs say 12in or more, brochure available.
        4. John Wray makes a motion that all ACC recommendations for rule changes are presented to board for approval. Mindy seconds. Motion passes.
    2. Road Maintenance Committee Report
      1. Game plan is for crack filling in April or May 2016 all roads as needed by Rhodes, chip seal in May or June 2016 by BigTex or another bid, recommending every 6-7 years, Oscar 2016, Tres 2017 or 2018,
      2. Mindy would like analysis so we can postpone Tres to spread the costs out
      3. Mike Hellrung requests estimate about decay of the edges at intersections. (See VII, B, e)
      4. RMC present possible schedule at next meeting
      5. Get quote on shoulder edge repair/concrete ribbon/lay down curb, only in the areas needed: intersections and front entrance
  6. Old Business
    1. Boat ramp expansion status
      1. LCRA engineer says it is fine but wants to see minor changes
        1. Some rock and parking lot material has washed down the concrete next to the ramp. Wants more perimeter rock to come up that hill about 12ft to block the erosion.
        2. Remove silt fence. A berm parallel to driveway passed but wants grass to fill in more.
        3. Probably one more grading and one more seed planting
    2. Gate Report
      1. First problem: outgoing gate wasn’t shutting. Repaired.
      2. Second problem: incoming gate stopped staying open for cars
        1. There are 2 sensors. The second sensor was nonfunctional. Gate would open and shut immediately.
        2. Damage to Brown vehicle
      3. Repair consisted of new saw cuts, new wires, reattached rubber guard
      4. Gates should be fine for a long time, unless someone hits it.
      5. In the event one gate isn’t functioning, recommended action: leave both gates open. This should prevent potential head on collisions.
      6. Get exit gate safety loops sensors checked. Monica reported the exit gate is sketchy.
    3. Governance Committee Report: Monica
      1. Concerned with foreclosure revisions about judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures.
      2. Adjacent lots: can build specific things on second lot without having a house there. Opens second lot for potentially undesirable developments.
        1. When selling property, adjacent lots have to be included sale of lot with residential use development or the adjacent lot has to be returned to original stage of development.
        2. If a lot only has a pool, how do you stop someone from buying that lot and promising to build when they actually intend to use the pool but never build?
        3. Does the board or ACC have the ability to require someone to submit an ACC plan when closing, which would then require the construction be completed within a year?
      3. Solar panels in a fenced yard, patio, or on the rooftop. If on the ground, panels cannot be higher than the top of the fence.
      4. Transfer fee required
      5. No more than 60 days’ notice of meetings
      6. Any vacancy can be appointed
      7. Board can’t engage as vendor without getting at least three additional bids.
      8. Elections have to be in writing and signed by a member.
      9. If board doesn’t call a regular meeting, rules for how members can call a meeting and have an election exist. This meeting would serve the purpose of electing a board.
      10. Recounting votes and who has access to the ballots. Recount no later than 15 days after election.
      11. Meeting notices on website
      12. Executive sessions
      13. If a board member has committed a felony in the last 20 years, the member is removed from the board immediately.
      14. File all records with Travis county
        1. Adjacent lots
        2. Solar devices
        3. Voting has gone down from 75 % of lots to 67% of total votes allocated to the owners in the subdivision. 66% at annual called meeting of the votes cast (present and proxies)
        4. Annual maintenance charge, not delinquent as long as on payment plan
          1. Review current payment plan and make sure we’re not in contradiction of the new laws.
        5. When someone pays the HOA, there is a certain order in which funds are applied (Example: Payments count toward late dues before they count for late fees.)
        6. Judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures are required to go through the courts now
        7. Some rules have special accommodations for servicemen.
        8. Notice before enforcement is being replaced. Board must give written notice by certified receipt requested.
        9. Other conditions could apply. Confirm specifics at the State website.
      15. Create Board Procedure Manual
  7. New Business
    1. Agenda submission procedure
      1. Submit up to 14 days before meetings to praisecretary@gmail.com for your item to be considered for the agenda
    2. Road Repair Schedule
      1. For financial ease, separate the biggest roads so they aren’t in back to back years or split the roads into sections so that the road budget is similar each year
      2. Have analysis done when getting bids.
      3. RMC will meet to help work out a schedule and discuss the possibility of increasing the dues.
        1. Recommending dues increase, which would be at the annual meeting. Requires notice of dues increase and needs 2/3rds at the annual meeting.
      4. $5700 to repair edges at front of neighborhood using premix. $475/a ton. A dump truck is about 12 tons. Get full assessment of edge repairs
    3. TXDOT sign at 71
      1. Hellrung called TXDOT Traffic Operations for Oscar advance sign on 71, about 1000ft before the road in both directions. Sign and installation are free, won’t let us pay for it. Nancy requests Mike send her the information.
      2. Nancy’s quotes are $474/ sign (Roadway Specialties) and $520/sign from the other quote (Environmental Safety). We’d have to pay for the advance sign since it is for a private road.
    4. Future meeting
      1. Thursday, February 4th at 8pm.
  8. Adjourned at 11:37 am.
    1. Mindy makes motion to adjourn. Karl seconds. Motion passes.
    2. Meeting adjourns.