PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 12-13-10

Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Monica Hooge and Megan Klein were present. Mike Natinsky was not present. Property owners Curtis Jeffrey and Ken Klein were also present.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved in a motion from Bill Paschall, seconded by Toby Newlin.

The treasurer’s report was circulated before the meeting. There were no questions. Monica installed Quicken and everything reconciles. Kim Richards and Rita Rogalewski still owe $50 in late fees from the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2010. Monica will send them a letter. Ron Presley has still not paid homeowners dues for two years. Bill will call him and follow up his phone conversation with a letter. If he is not able to reach Mr. Presley on the phone, Monica will send a certified letter. If no payment is forthcoming, the Association will file a lien. Megan made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Toby seconded. The motion passed.

Old Business

Cody Gibson will fill the spot left vacant by Jim Brown’s resignation.

Bill will call Nancy Lambros for a status report on progress of obtaining bids for core sampling. Bill made a motion that upon receipt of at least two quotes for core samples that the Road Committee proceeds with getting core samples. Toby seconded, all in favor and the motion passed.

Megan will get bids for mowing the subdivision roadsides.

Watson Property
The property at 24120 Oscar Road has apparently closed. We have heard nothing from the title company and have received no money.

New Business

Boat Ramp
The gravel is “dishing out” significantly in some areas making it dangerous to maneuver trailers down the ramp. It will probably take ten bags of concrete to fix the problem areas. Bill and Toby will determine and execute a fix.

We need a boat ramp area clean up day. The committee will get it scheduled and advise Megan so that volunteers can be solicited.

Monica is now a notary. Bill and Monica will contact property owners, explain the amendment and obtain signatures from those who wish to support the amendment.

December Mailing
In order to cut down on expenses, we will send the typical mailing by email this year. The mailing will include the unapproved Annual Meeting minutes, a property owners directory, 2011 gate codes, dues notice, note about the amendment and the gate cards being phased out. We will follow the email with USPS mailed copies for those who do not respond to the email. Those property owners whose email addresses we do not have will receive a hard copy via the USPS.

The next HOA Board meeting will take place Monday, February 21 at 7PM at Mike Natinsky’s, 23600 Oscar Road.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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