PFR Board meeting minutes 12-01-05

In attendance: Board members Bob Beglau, Bruce Garlick, Jim Lauby, Donna Keel, Ken Thoresen, and residents Sue Bennett, Glenn Taylor, and Mike Natinsky.

The last board meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Mr.Lauby and seconded by Mrs. Keel. Mrs. Keel presented a profit and loss statement, a register report and transaction summary. It was noted that almost $3,000 has been refunded from Travis Appraisal District and that $9,400. has been received in yearly member dues. This is about one third of the owners.

Amendments: The dues amendment is close to passing and we have received about ten additional signed rental amendments. It was noted that there will be some cost to file the amendments once one or both pass. Voting rights for the roads and park lots was discussed. Mr. Taylor suggested the most conservative way to approach this issue was to eliminate them so that they do not have a vote for or against and also are not counted in the land area. Mr. Thoresen will verify the acreage of the current votes for the amendments.

E-mail list: We have had two requests for the PFR property owners email list. After discussion it was decided that the list will be kept private and used for PFR business purposes only. Mrs. Keel will continue to manage the list.

Mr. Lauby reported that he is in the process of becoming a notary. Also, nearby Security State bank has a notary regularly available.

ACC document: Mr. Lauby and Mr. Taylor reported on changes being considered to the architectural controls. Collecting a deposit from contractors prior to construction would make sure they meet their obligations. The authority to do this is not defined nor prohibited in the current guidelines. Mr. Beglau noted a simplification or user friendly change to ACC document is wanted. Mr. Lauby and Mr. Taylor will continue to review the document.

Lawsuit: Mr. Garlick reported that we are currently in a “holding pattern.” Mediation before Christmas will not likely happen but it will occur before trial. Trial is set for the May timeframe. A hybrid payment was discussed where the law firm would require some payment in advance and the rest would be a contingency. Hiring the Jackson-Walker firm was suggested. This next stage of the suit could cost approximately $10,000. Mr. Garlick will search for a fixed fee through appeal which could be in the $20,000. range. Mr. Garlick will continue to represent the board and he offered to personally cover the cost of the suit up to the time of settlement. Mr. Beglau thanked Mr. Garlick for this substantial offer.

Covenant Committee: Mr. Natinsky noted that two areas of the covenants are in need of priority adjustment and that he will present a report on this by the first of the year.

Ms. Metcalf: Mr. Taylor reported that Anita Metcalf has not submitted a proposal regarding her previously stated request to increase the number of lots into which she can subdivide her land. She can now subdivide into twenty lots and had mentioned she would like to increase that to fifty. Those who purchase one of her lots would be ‘special members’ of the association and have the right of access to the Pedernales river boat ramp.

Road fund: Mr. Beglau suggested that the committee should, at some future meeting, consider dedicating a substantial portion of the dues to a fund for continuing road maintenance. This will be addressed at future meetings.

Gate Codes: Mrs. Keel will e-mail the 2006 gate codes to members and will include a reminder to send in dues. The codes will be mailed to those without email.

Website: Ms. Bennett suggested we seek local businesses to advertise on the website to cover the cost of maintaining it. Mr. Watford, in a correspondence, has offered to seek advertisers for this purpose also. It was suggested that the advertising be kept simple and at a low cost. Mr. Natinsky suggested a page be added to the website that would list homeowner businesses. Mr. Garlick made a motion to solicit this advertising. It was seconded by Mr. Lauby and the motion passed unanimously. Mr. Beglau will contact Mr. Watford and Mrs. Hooge about posting the advertising. It was further suggested that the CCR’s, ACC rules and board meeting minutes be posted on the website.

Mailbox area improvement: The concrete work is completed. There are eight metal supports visible around the mailboxes which will eventually be used when a cover is built. The small square holes in the concrete will eventually be filled to support plants. The cattle guard at the gate was in need of some repair but the repair was delayed. The gravel from in front of the mailboxes was removed and used to fill the cattle guards. The cattle will be removed from PFR by 1-1-06 and it is anticipated that the cattle guards will be removed and the area filled with concrete. Mr. Watson, owner of the cattle, was consulted and he does not feel the cattle will attempt to cross through the gates and create a hazard. Mr. Natinsky offered to level the broken area of the cattle guard to prevent any tire damage until the guard is removed.

Road signs: The signs at Tres Coronas and Oscars Echo is down. Rich Watson has been doing the repair work to date. Mr. Lauby will work with Mr. Watson to set up a system for quickly repairing the signs in the future.

Boat Ramp: The boat ramp needs to be widened to allow river access without encroaching onto lot 13. Bids for the ramp to be widened and lengthened about thrity-five feet have been received. The bids were $9,000. from Camden Concrete, $6,900 from Advanced and $5,648 from Maxim. Mr. Beglau made a motion to spend up to $6.000 for the widening and extension of the ramp to include cement work done in place of the cattle guards. The motion was seconded by Mr. Garlick and passed unanimously.

Code enforcement and dues: The current procedure for receiving unpaid dues is to first send letters requesting late payment. After two contacts have been made Mr. Garlick with then send a letter as legal representative of the board. It was noted that the board will respond to all personally identified emails. Mr. Thoresen will contact new resident Mr. Seriano regarding a recent code complaint regarding enclosing his boat. Mr. Beglau noted that, though there is currently no change regarding the third horse owned by Mr. and Mrs. Watson, the horse is for sale.

Meeting adjourned.

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