PRAI Board of Directors Meeting held on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 via ZOOM
All Board members had signed on so a quorum was met.
Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm
Minutes of the previous board meeting were unanimously approved after Cindy Clifton made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Luis Martinez.
Treasurer’s report: Cindy Clifton presented the current report noting there was very little income or expense since last meeting.  Property tax bill will be paid this month.
Road committee: Texas Materials bill of $2403.15 has not yet been paid pending completion of the crack filling.
ACC: Gregg Smith reported. One home now completed, 5 are under construction and one is on hold. None pending approval.
Unfinished business: Lights at the front entrance have been repaired. Entrance sign is in process of being painted.
New Business: Notices to be sent out this month: Solicitation of Nomination forms, dues notice, gate codes, annual meeting information.
Zoom and Election Buddy will be used for the annual meeting to be held in January. Luis created a zoom help sheet and it is on the website.

Joel Mitchell motioned to adjourn mtg; Luis seconded. 7:04p