PRAI Board Meeting held at 23423 Oscar Road on 12-3-16. —DRAFT

Called to order at 10:35 am

All Board members – Karl Hancock, Steve Barker, Chrissy Carr, John Wray, Sue Bennett –were in attendance as well as 8 residents.

PREVIOUS meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Chrissy and Sue were added as signatures on the bank account and Mindy Smith and Heather Martinez were removed. Income since last meeting of $4,000 primarily included dues late fees in addition to gate remote sales, transfer fees and ACC fees. Additional remotes were ordered.Treasurers report 2016-11-28

ACC REPORT: Tony Alvarez reported we have received 3 new home construction
applications this year. Two homes have been completed this year and 3 more are
nearly completed. In addition, we received applications for 11 other projects.

RMC REPORT: Bill Paschall reported that Wheeler started the crack fill project on December 1st. Wheeler will have to come back to complete the project as some cracks were missed and some need more attention. The weeds growing in the roads have to be
eradicated before Wheeler returns. No other work is planned for this calendar year. More work is needed prior to contracting for the chip seal as the committee is attempting to obtain more information to better compare bids.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: In response to an email Sue sent to all the property
owners, 9 families responded that they would help clear out dead trees and
debris by the boat ramp. They volunteered their time, labor, equipment,
trailers, etc. in order to clear space for a picnic area. We will schedule a cleanup day after the holidays, sometime in January. We hope to establish a committee to develop a plan for the area.

–The lawsuit filed by the Browns was dismissed and we received the Agreed Order
of Dismissal With Prejudice signed by the judge on 9-15-16.

–Attorney Cagle is preparing the amendment paperwork reflecting the Bylaw changes that were approved at the last annual meeting.

–CCR amendments were discussed. Attorney Cagle had prepared a form for
property owners to sign indicating their approval of the changes to the CCRs as
well as instructions on what to complete. There was no “submit by” date
indicated. John made a motion to revise the instructions to allow for a NO to
clarify their intent and include an encouragement to return the document by January
31, 2017. Chrissy 2nd. Motion approved. This information will be sent to all property owners very soon.

–Violations. The property owner on Successor is now in compliance with the CCRs. There is a property on Oscar that needs a water tank screened. There is a property on Indian Divide with trailers stored in the front yard. Karl will speak with both parties.

–All respondents to the email requesting opinions regarding changing the annual
meeting to January were favorable. Changing the meeting date would be an amendment to the Bylaws. In order for the annual meeting date to change, a majority of
property owners in attendance at the membership meeting – in person or by proxy or absentee ballot – must approve it. We have to address how this will affect the election of directors and the budget. We discussed developing a detailed plan, including a draft of the Bylaw amendment, at the February Board meeting and then determine if we want to hold a Special Meeting in April or wait until the September meeting to present the amendment for approval.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion about possibly incorporating Paleface Ranch. With Bee
Cave and Lakeway expanding their Extra Territorial Jurisdictions (ETJs) do we need to be concerned that we could become a part of this land grab? Pedernales Valley area tried to incorporate a couple of years ago but failed. This topic was investigated and discussed at previous annual meetings. We discussed putting a group together to investigate and prepare a document showing the pros and cons of incorporation. If it is decided to pursue incorporation, it must be put on the state election ballot. Bill Paschall will search his records and review information he gathered a few years ago. Karl will work with Bill on this project. We will discuss further at the next Board meeting.

Karl made a Motion to adjourn meeting. Steve seconded. Meeting adjourned at
11:50 am