Board of Directors Meeting Paleface Ranch HOA 12-12-17 held at 23409 Oscar Road

All Board members were present along with 5 other residents.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

Previous Meeting Minutes were approved – Chrissy made the motion to accept and David seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Chrissy noted that approximately $2,000 was spent since our last meeting, the majority of it for the front entrance gate and fence painting.  2017-12-11 treasurer report

Committee reports: 

Boat Ramp/Park Committee:  Danna Hancock reported that the committee has met but no decisions have been reached on a plan for the boat ramp/park area.  The main project will be clearing and cleaning up the area.

RMC: Curtis Jeffrey reported that Wheeler will begin crack filling this Thursday, December 14th.  They will fill 260’ beginning at the front gate – down Oscar to Improver – down Improver – continue on Oscar to Performer – down Performer – down Oscar – then to a cul de sac on Likeness – then up Tres Coronas to Successor and Replica.  If there is any footage remaining, they will retrace their steps and fill smaller cracks.

ACC:  no committee member was in attendance and no prior report received so there is nothing to report.

Unfinished Business:

Front Entrance: The gate and fence have been painted and mulch has been spread in all the beds.  We are waiting on the cap for the Paleface Ranch sign to be installed.  It was painted today.

Boat Ramp Area:  Sue has met with Travis County and LCRA personnel who advised that they will be closing their review of the parking lot area.  We should be receiving our deposit back by end of year.  This was for permit # 13-1085 issued on 9-19-13.

Sue met with Neale van Streepen from Concrete Raising Corporation, a concrete repair company, who suggested injecting the void area (caused by erosion) under the current concrete drive area with a slurry mix that hardens to concrete.  Rocks have been placed around the edges of the concrete to prevent the slurry from seeping out.  Hopefully that company will fit us in their schedule soon.

CCRs:  We have received 63 Written Consent Forms so far.  An updated list of outstanding forms has been sent to the Board members who will contact those lot owners to encourage their participation.

Annual Meeting: We discussed possible agenda items for the annual meeting scheduled for January 27, 2018 at 12:30 pm.  The meeting room has been reserved at One Chapel again.

New Business:

Chrissy will research placing liens on the properties of those lot owners who have not yet paid their annual maintenance fees.

We will research lighting options for the front entrance.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm