PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 11/15/2012
Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Megan Klein and Gail Finnegan were present.  Board member Karl Hancock was not able to attend.  Property owners Fran Raymond, Chris Olsen, Cody Gibson and Nancy Lambros were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes.  There were no corrections.  Toby made a motion to approve the minutes; Gail seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Access Controls was called to repair the gate after something chewed through the wires.

The HOW Foundation spent two days cutting dead cedar trees from the boat ramp lot.

Mario Cruz Landscaping mowed the front entry a couple times.  There is a question about the $125.00 bill.  We may have incurred an extra charge when they were asked to clean up the flower beds.  We have been undercharged on several mowing bills.  We will ask for quotes in the future.

Two construction deposits (Cauley and Torres) and three ACC fees have been received.  A construction deposit refund for Dollahite was approved by the ACC and paid.

Under Projected EOY 2012, $1800.00 is included for two more days of work from the HOW foundation, clearing dead cedars from the boat ramp lot.

Under the 2012 budget the Association is to spend $35,000 on road maintenance before the end of the year.  Crack filling the roads should cost ~ $12,000 which will be scheduled to be completed in 2012.  Beginning the project of chip sealing the cul-de-sacs will be scheduled for next year and remaining money from the 2012 road maintenance budget ($23,000) will be used, together with the road maintenance budget for 2013 ($25,000), to cover the cost.

Property taxes of $195.00 are due.

Megan made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report; Bill seconded. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business
Road Maintenance
The Road Maintenance Committee has secured bids for road work and recommends that the Association crack fill all roads in the subdivision by the end of the year, using Rhoades as the contractor. The Rhoades bid is $12,000.00 for crack filling all roads within Paleface Ranch. The bid is not for crack fill by the linear foot.

As soon as weather permits (ie: it is warm enough) the committee recommends the board get chip seal contractor Cummings scheduled to begin chip seal on the cul-de-sacs. The committee further recommends we pick the two roads in worst shape and chip seal them first. If the job is well done, we set up a planned maintenance program of two cul-de-sacs per year.

The board asked the committee to secure a contact with Rhoades to crack fill all roads in the subdivision for $12,000.00, including a start date and an end date, and scheduling the work as soon as possible. The board also requested that the contract include repairing the hole at the edge of the driveway at Highway 71. Bill asked Nancy to check with the contractor about a cure time for crack fill in the event we are able to chip seal before the end of the year.

The board asked the committee to secure a single contract with Cummings to chip seal four roads, seeking a discount in pricing to bring the total in line with our budget: Performer ($15,668.00), Indian Divide Road and Cove ($15,378.00), Successor ($12,182.00) and Replica ($10,085.00). There is a $2000 mobilization fee per contract for moving machinery.

Hellrung Lawsuit
The lawsuit between Mr. and Mrs. Hellrung and Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. is ongoing.   There are no updates that can be shared at this point.

Dead Cedars
The HOW Foundation will return on December 3rd and 4th for two more days of work clearing and mulching dead cedars on the boat ramp lot.

Staining Mailbox Cover
We do not yet have a quote for staining the cedar portions mailbox cover. Karl will follow up.

Burn Ban Sign
A new burn ban sign has been purchased and installed.

New Business
Fourth Amended Declaration of CCRs for Paleface Ranch
The board has decided to revisit the proposed Fourth Amendment of the CCRs originally crafted in 2010. The amendment would require that 50% of the Annual Maintenance Charges collected by the Association be paid into a Private Street Maintenance Fund to be held, managed, invested and expended by the Board at its discretion solely for the maintenance and repair of the Private Street. The remaining 50% of the Annual Maintenance Charges collected by the Association shall be paid into the Maintenance Fund and shall be held, managed, invested and expended by the Board at its discretion for the benefit of the Subdivision and the Owners of the Lots therein.

The Association’s largest expense is the maintenance of our private roads. As the roads age, the cost of maintaining them increases. It is vitally important that the Association has the funds to cover these costs. The benefits of this amendment are two-fold. One, the money for road maintenance will be available when needed and will gradually grow so that expensive age-related repairs will be less financially troublesome for the Association. And two, the board will not have excess money at its disposal for potential misuse to the detriment of our ability to cover road maintenance and repair costs.

The board feels this is a proactive step in safeguarding the assets of the Association and the subdivision and it deserves another effort at securing the signatures required to incorporate the Fourth Amendment into the CCRs.

Village of Spicewood Canyon Incorporation Attempt
The effort to incorporate the Village of Spicewood Canyon almost passed. The proposal caught our attention and was important to Paleface Ranch because the boat ramp property and two, maybe three, properties within our subdivision were included in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the proposed village, which extends 1/2 mile from the village boundary. It brought to light the fact that the ETJ of Lakeway is only about two miles from our subdivision. With river access, waterfront property, and highway frontage Paleface Ranch is high value property for a city looking to annex. We are not immune to incorporation from any direction. In Texas, you have no vote as a property being annexed. A complicating factor is that Lakeway can incorporate an amount equal to 10% of their land area each year. If they don’t annex for three years, they can annex 30% in one year. Once any part of Paleface Ranch is in an ETJ, we lose the right to incorporate. One of the drawbacks to incorporation for many areas is the requirement to then maintain your own roads. We’ve been doing that for 15 years.

The Board will investigate what it takes to incorporate. If the Association membership has ideas or opinions on the topic of incorporation, the board is very interested in hearing from you.

Gate Repair
A link in the chain on the outgoing gate recently broke. We had spare links and Toby was able to fix the gate. The bolt holding the chain to the gate needs to be replaced. Toby will call Access Controls and ask that they fix or replace the bolt and get us a few more spare links of the correct size for each chain.

December Mailing
In December the Association will send out 2013 gate codes, the minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting and the request for annual dues to be paid. We will again send this information by email to all those for whom we have email addresses. If we do not have email addresses, we’ll send a packet by regular mail. For those from whom we have not received dues by the second week in January, we will send another request for dues to be paid by regular mail. Megan and Gail will handle this project.

Board Member Positions
Bill will remain as President; Karl will assume the role of Vice President; Toby will continue to serve as Treasurer, Megan as Secretary and Gail will take over as Director. Megan will update the website and all documents.

Bill and Megan recently attended a meeting of local area residents where the Central Texas Water Coalition (CTWC) spoke about the LCRA’s management of the Highland Lakes water system and, specifically, its seemingly incomprehensible penchant for practically giving away vast quantities of water to the rice farms in South Texas. The CTWC’s primary mission is to advocate for and preserve the Highland Lakes’ role as an irreplaceable natural resource that drives an important regional economic engine for the State of Texas, and to bring together concerned citizens as a constituency of the Highland “Lake Interests”.

Bill encourages all residents to take an active role in water management – their own and collective of the lakes esp in relation to LCRA.  Visit the CTWC website and learn more about how decisions are made on where our lake water goes.

LCRA is sending water to the rice farmers again.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next HOA meeting will be Monday, January 14, 2013 at Megan Klein’s home, at 23802 Oscar Road, at 7:00 p.m.

Executive Session
After the board meeting was adjourned and property owners not on the board asked to leave, the board held an executive session to discuss developments in the Hellrung Lawsuit.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary