PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 11-15-07

In attendance: (board members) Mike Hellrung, Gail Finnegan, Nancy Platt and Megan Klein; (residents) Gary Scharrer, Toby Newlin and Ken Klein. Board Member Bill Paschall was not able to attend.

The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved. It was noted that Mrs. Platt obtained the replacement links for the entrance gate. Mrs. Klein will amend the Sept-07 minutes to reflect this.

Mr. Hellrung noted that the dates concerning the school district ruling were incorrect in the 2007 Annual Meeting minutes. Mr. Hellrung will get the correct dates grom Mr. Keel.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

Mrs. Finnegan noted that the Association had received two transfer fees for Sheffield to Cartwright and Gilvelli to Alexander. The Secretary of State filing fee for the corporation has been paid and three payments have been made to neighborhood children for summertime mowing. Mrs. Finnegan will be checking into an erroneous $3 Compass bank charge.

Mrs. Finnegan reported that Burnet County taxes are going up by 89% and this year’s total amount is $1853.00. She doesn’t have the Travis County tax bill yet. Mr. Hellrung stated that Burnet County should not be taxing a non-profit and/or that Paleface Ranch Association should be receiving an agricultural exemption. Mr. Klein noted that the Paleface Ranch Association could still protest the tax/no agricultural exemption, paying a penalty for being late with the protest.

Mrs. Finnegan reported that Mike Webb has paid his 2006 dues. Ronald Presley and David Watson are still delinquent. The question was raised whether the Association should keep the late fee associated with Mike Webb’s delinquent payment; he said he sent a check which was never received. Mr. Hellrung made a motion to keep the late fee. The motion passed with all in favor.

Mr. Paschall sent a report to the meeting with Mr. Hellrung that PSI Engineering had so far been unresponsive to his queries reference road maintenance. Mr. Paschall is currently out of town but will follow up with PSI upon his return.

The boat ramp towing contract with Assured Towing was reviewed by the board. Mrs. Klein expressed concern that the towing company, based in south Austin, was too far away to be of timely assistance. Mr. Hellrung made a motion to approve the Assured Towing contract as it was read with an addendum stating the contract applies to the boat ramp only and all vehicles without a hang tag may be towed. The motion passed unanimously. The Management Request Passcode to be used when calling Assured Towing is “Paleface Ranch Homeowner”.

Mrs. Klein reported that there are 124 valid email addresses on the prai-members listserv. There are 10 lot owners without email addresses on record and four addresses that are bouncing.

Mrs. Finnegan made a motion that board meeting notices be posted on the email list. The motion passed unanimously.

A request was received to fix the lights on the entrance sign and trim the bushes so that they do not block the sign from the light. Mr. Hellrung reported that trimming the bushes was not working because the lights were too low to the ground. One of the lights was fixed with the replacement of a burned out bulb. The other has been repaired before and Mr. Hellrung suspects this is the source of the current problem. Mr. Hellrung will consult Mr. Natinsky who is familiar with the previous repair. Mrs. Klein made a motion that the lights be raised so that the sign is better illuminated without the need to constantly trim the bushes. The motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Finnegan will prune the yucca at the end of the entrance planter and Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Finnegan will weed the entry beds.

Mr. Hellrung reported that the cement pad at the mailboxes ends prematurely and resulting drop off to the culvert is dangerous to cars backing off the cement pad. Mr. Hellrung made a motion to study the problem and bring a few solutions to the next meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Hellrung asked the board members to familiarize themselves with the problem before the next meeting.

The board discussed the abuse of the bulletin board at the entrance and discussed ways to solve the problem. The board decided that all notices must be dated and will be subject to removal if they are not dated or if they are more than 30 days old. Mrs. Klein made a motion to accept the rules and post them on the bulletin board. The motion passed unanimously. Mrs. Klein will post the rules on the bulletin board.

There are no reported ACC violations.

The next meeting will be January 16, 2008 at 7:00pm at 2521 Improver Road.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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