PFR Board meeting minutes 11-09-06

In attendance: (board members) Bruce Garlick, Donna Keel, Ken Thoresen, Mike Hellrung, Gail Finnegan; (residents) Gary Scharrer, Toby Newlin.

The minutes from the Annual meeting (9-9-06) and last board meeting (8-5-06) were reviewed and approved.

Mr. Garlick was elected the new president of the board by unanimous vote. Mrs. Keel and Mr. Thoresen will continue in the treasurer and secretary positions respectively. New board member Mike Hellrung was elected vice president and new board member Gail Finnegan was elected director. Mr. Gary Scharrer and Mr. Newlin were also in attendance.

The treasures report was reviewed by Mrs. Keel and was approved. It was noted that $15,000. was moved to the investment fund. We have approximately $55,000. in long term reserves and $14,000. in short term. Recent payments have been for insurance and blueprints. Recent profits have been from the lawsuit settlement and retainer refund. Owners Hoomanrad, Pressley and Webb have not yet paid last years dues.

Mr. Garlick will work on finding someone to assess the condition of the roads so that a long term road maintenance plan can be updated. The road at the entrance does not appear to need immediate repair. Mr. Garlick and resident Mike Natinsky will take on the task of spraying the weeds at the road edges with round-up to help maintain the roads.

Mr. Hellrung noted that an “Oscar Road” road sign may be able to be placed on Highway 71 at no cost. He will get more information on this. Mr. Hellrung and resident Gary Scharrer will survey the community for needed road signs. About ten are needed and cost, with installation, should be less than $1,500. The association will not cover the cost of no trespassing signs for the power line area. Mr. Hellrung suggested a hiking path be developed in the power line area. It was noted that this is private property and not all owners would likely be receptive to this. Mr. Hellrung will contact the relevant owners to see if they would be receptive to this.

Violations: Mr. Garlick noted that the Millers have removed the chickens from their property. The Watson’s continue to have three horses. Mr. Garlick sent a notice letter by certified mail but it was not picked up. The board’s obligation and options to gain owners compliance with the restrictions was discussed at length. A lawsuit is a remaining option but, after the prior suit, it would not likely be well received by the membership. A lawsuit would cost approximately $3,000 and it seems it would be a clear decision in favor of the CCR’s. Mr. Hellrung will check into privately purchasing the horse from the Watson’s. Mr. Garlick also reported that the Kathman’s are aware of the 2″ encroachment into the 20′ setback. They have agreed to adjust the brick ledge or get the plat changed to reflect it accurately. There were no new CCR complaints made to the board.

Mr. Thoresen reviewed some bids for the masonry work for the improvement of the entrance. The goals for the improvement are to cover the mailboxes to provide some cover from the rain and so that they are not as unsightly, and to beautify the entire area. Seventeen rock columns are projected for the existing fence line with eight rock columns on the mailbox structure. Photographs of a similar structure were submitted. There was discussion regarding options for the mailbox structure, sufficient parking area at the mailboxes, lighting and consistency of the planting material. The bulletin board will be incorporated into the new structure. The board agreed to move forward and start the improvement, not to exceed $20,000, under the direction of Mr. Thoresen.

Mr. Hellrung notified the board of some needed changes to the ACC committee. Mrs. Scharrer and Mr. Taylor would like to end their duties with the ACC. Mr. Brown would continue on the ACC. The pros and cons of the situation were discussed. Mrs. Finnegan will contact residents Hooge and Jenkins to see if they may be interested in serving on the ACC.

The next board meeting will occur 01-11-07 at 7 p.m. at Mrs. Keel’s residence.

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Thoresen, secretary

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