November 14, 2017   Paleface Ranch Board of Directors Meeting was held at 23509 Indian Divide Cove

Called to Order at 6:30 pm

All Board members were present along with 5 other residents.

Prior Meeting Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report 2017-11-13

ACC report:  ACC has approved 1 new home, 1 patio and 1 fence.  They have approved a refund of one home deposit after completing the walk-through.  There are 5 homes under construction.

RMC report:  Sheila Jenkins presented report.  Bill Paschall had sent an email report to the board a couple of weeks ago.  RMC Report 11-2-17. Constructing a right turn lane on Highway 71 would cost 150,000 to 200,000. The RMC asked that the Board authorize funding for an engineers drawing for right turn lane and the Board declined to do so.

Wheeler is the only company that will fill several large cracks that have developed on Oscar, Improver and Performer.  One contractor said the job was too small and another contractor refused to return our phone calls.  The RMC asked the Board to approve up to $2200 to have the cracks filled now, before winter.  The Board instructed the RMC to contact Big Tex, the chip seal company, to determine if they would fill the cracks on Oscar as the cracks appeared only 3 months after chip sealing work was done.

David Davis made the following Motion: To allocate $2200 to the road maintenance committee for crack fill for Oscar, Improver and Performer.  Seconded by Brenda Alvarado.  Motion passed 4-1.

Ramp park committee – There was no report as the members haven’t met yet.

Unfinished Business:

Front Entrance:  Resident volunteers completed weeding and mulching all of the front beds.  David Davis donated all of the mulch, saving the HOA money.

Sergio has mowed the front entrance area twice.

Volunteers also sandpapered the gates and fence in preparation for painting.  Three bids were obtained for painting the fence and gate.  Chrissy Carr made the following Motion: To hire Nick Guerrero to paint the entrance fence and gates for $1800.00.  Seconded by Brenda Alvarado.  Motion passed unanimously.

The cap for the Paleface Ranch entrance sign is ready to install after a coat of paint is applied.

Boat ramp area:  We are still working to obtain our refund from LCRA for the boat ramp parking area.  Sue will follow up with LCRA.

There is a void under the boat ramp caused by erosion.  We will call for volunteers to mix some concrete and fill the void.

We also will consider mixing concrete to build a sloping lip where vehicles turn into the parking lot.  Gravel continues to spin out so a more permanent fix is needed.  We may have some larger, fist-size rock at our disposal if needed.

CCR Amendments.  Sue will prepare a Call List for Board members to contact those property owners who have not yet submitted their Written Consent Forms for the Amendments.

Complaints & Violations:  The two prior complaint issues have been resolved to the Board’s satisfaction.

Annual Meeting   The room at the church has been reserved for Saturday, January 27, 2018.  We are working on an agenda.  There will not be an election.

New Business:  Sue spoke with TXDOT personnel who informed her that the Highway 71 center lane project does include the road in front of Paleface.  It will extend from the bridge to the Blanco County line.  Projected completion date is 5 years, give or take a few months.

The Board had been presented with a contract for Texas Disposal Systems.  It was determined it was not a good fit for our neighborhood so we will not pursue it.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm at Karl’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm