PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 10/7/2013
Board members Toby Newlin, Megan Klein, Gail Finnegan, John Byington and Nick Granneli were present. Property owners Monica Hooge and Nancy Lambros were also present.

Secretary Megan Klein read the previous meeting’s minutes. There were no corrections. Gail made a motion to approve the minutes; Nick seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Since the July 2013 HOA meeting, the Association received three ACC fees and sold two gate remotes.

For the boat ramp parking expansion project, $13,900 has been paid to the contractor, Pat Haas. Of that, $3900 was a deposit to Travis County Permitting for “fiscal posting” for erosion and sedimentation control for Permit No. 13-1085. Before we pay the final draw, the deposit needs to be credited to the amount owed.

The new mailboxes, budgeted for 2014, have been ordered in 2013 because the quote received, with significant discount, was good for 30 days. The total cost of $9376 was paid out of the money market account and will be replaced in 2014 once the money for 2014 dues is collected.

The Association anticipates having ~ $30,000 remaining in the Boat Ramp Area money market fund when the project is complete. The board will ask the BRAIC for recommendations for any further improvements at the boat ramp.

The Association received a construction deposit from Alvarado and refunded a construction deposit to Cauley.

Gail made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Megan seconded. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.

Old Business
Chip Seal Work on Successor, Replica, Envoy and Performer
The chip seal job has been completed on Successor, Replica, Envoy and Performer. Glen, the contractor, told Nancy Lambros he would be happy to work with our neighborhood again and has roughly estimated the job would cost us $9000 in 2014. Many of the roads have recently been chip sealed and the cracks should theoretically be fewer than in previous years.

Boat Ramp Parking Expansion
The project has been started.  The footing has been poured and they have begun setting rebar and removing vegetation.  The fill has been moved from the top of the boat ramp to the bottom.  Completion is planned for November 1.

Clearing Road Easements
The vast majority of the road easements have been cleared of mesquites and other vegetation that was an obstacle to mowing. The board still needs to contact Amy Hubble about trimming her mesquites so that they are not overhanging the road. Gail will contact her.

Erosion Control on Oscar and Replica
The trees that were obstructing water flow have been removed. The eroded areas on both streets are ready to be repaired. The rock has been ordered and delivered. Megan needs to review the job on Oscar with Steve Hooge and Jim Hinton before proceeding. Because of the new road surface on Replica, we will wait for cold weather which will stabilize the new surface somewhat. We may need to order more rock before doing Replica as the job on Oscar may require more rock than originally thought.

Megan will send a message to all persons who have expressed interest in pursuing the question of whether Paleface Ranch should incorporate – Sue Bennett, David Platt, Bill Paschall, Steve Barker, Don Barnett, Nancy Lambros and Monica Hooge. The message will include documents and other information already discovered. And that will be the last of the HOA Board’s involvement in the question of incorporation.

New Business
Board Member Positions
John Byington will serve as president; Nick Granelli will take on the role of Vice President; Toby will continue to serve as Treasurer, Megan as Secretary and Gail as Director. Megan will update the website and all documents.

The board will continue with all existing committees. The ACC is not a question. There remains a need for both the Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee (BRAIC) and the Road Committee. Ken has asked Karl Hancock to serve on the BRAIC and he has accepted. The full committee is composed of Ken Klein, Karl Hancock and Jim Hinton. Nancy Lambros will continue to serve on the Road Committee.

Highway Turn Lanes
At the annual meeting, Robert Fraser voiced an opinion that there was a growing safety need for a right turn lane at our subdivision entrance as 70 mph highway traffic doesn’t slow down behind those turning into Paleface Ranch. He volunteered to figure out how to bring a right turn lane to the highway. Nick would like to see a left turn as well and has a contact at TXDOT. He will contact Robert with this information.

New Mailboxes
The new mailboxes have been delivered to the post office. There are a few issues holding back their installation. We have two properties with mailing addresses that do not match physical addresses and 911 must work with the property owners to determine what their addresses will be going forward. There are several corner lots bordering two streets with no clear indication of what their eventual physical addresses will be. Megan is working with the postmaster at best guesses for these addresses so that the mailboxes can be placed in order.

There is some dismay that the Association plans to leave the old parcel boxes in their current state and place them next to the new boxes. Megan will get a quote for electrostatic painting of the old parcel boxes so that they match the new boxes.

The bulletin board above the mailboxes will have to come down when the new boxes are installed. The board will look at other options for posting information at the entrance.

Paleface Ranch Sign/Entry Maintenance
Toby will take on the job of repainting the Paleface Ranch sign in the Spring. He will look into Rhino Coating paint. Once the flowers have finished blooming on the plants surrounding the sign, they will be trimmed back significantly. Megan will remove the dead agave at the exit gate.

Crack Fill and Chip Seal
The board asked the Road Committee to go ahead and get quotes for next year’s crack fill and chip seal. We’d like to get both scheduled far in advance and perhaps avoid the long delays we’ve seen in recent years.

Weed Kill
Steve Hooge has suggested that killing the weeds back a foot from the road could begin to cause erosion problems. Megan and Gail will spray weeds in the road and only along edges where the weeds grow especially thick, allowing vegetation to grow back to the road edge, especially where it is usually sparse.

Boat Ramp Apron
There has been an ongoing problem with the parking surface washing away in storm drainage at its intersection with the boat ramp. At times the resulting drop has become difficult to navigate, especially when towing a boat. The suggestion of installing a cement apron to permanently solve the problem was brought to the board. The board will turn the idea over to the BRAIC and see what it recommends.

Covenant Violations
The property at 23608 has been home to several PODS for many months. John and Nick will get with the homeowner to determine the status of his renovation projects and a date when the board can expect the PODS to be gone.

There are concerns about the construction of the culvert at 1911 Oscars Echo. There is also an old truck sitting in the trees, visible from Oscars Echo, and the construction dumpster remains on the property. John and Nick will look into these issues and talk with the homeowner.

Speed Limit
Megan will send a message to the neighborhood reminding neighbors of the speed limit and the danger speeding poses to wildlife and people walking and riding bicycles.

Dogs Barking
The board has received a complaint about barking dogs. Megan will include a note about barking dogs in her message about speeding.

Annual Meeting Review
Property owner Monica Hooge had some constructive criticism of the recent Annual Meeting. She would like to review the process through which proxy forms are obtained. It was her impression that with enough proxy votes one could conceivably remain on the board interminably. Monica will work with Megan to revise meeting notification messages so that it is clear proxies may be submitted to any property owner. She further suggested that proxies should be allowed to be submitted to “the board” and then be divided among board members so that one or two board members weren’t holding excessive numbers of votes.

Also suggested were thoughts to shorten the length of the meeting:

  • Providing the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting to the membership ahead of time; eliminating the reading of the minutes and simply asking for approval of the minutes as circulated.
  • Limiting the President’s Message to a concise single page.

The next HOA meeting will take place on December 9th at 7:00pm at 23409 Tres Coronas.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary