PFR Board meeting minutes 10-24-05

In attendance: Board members, Bob Beglau, Jim Lauby, Donna Keel, Ken Thoresen, and Bruce Garlick. Residents Glen Taylor, Gary Scharrer, Ron Hensley.

Previous minutes reviewed and accepted with one typographical correction and Mr. Scharrer is joining the CCR review committee. Also, Mr. Beglau noted that Mr.Garlick will offer a proposal for a contingency fee for legal work if needed.

Treasurer report: Mrs. Keel reviewed the account balance that does not include recently received dues for ’06. We are approximately $21,000 over budget year to date which is about the same as reported at the annual meeting. A $55.00 electric bill was recently paid.

Cementing the mailbox area: Mr. Thoresen has three general bids. Mr. Brown voiced a bid in the $10,000 range at the annual meeting. Mr. Meirs submitted a bid of $5,000 to include standard gage wire mesh and $6,200 for upgraded wire mesh. Mr. Gary Thorson submitted a bid of $3,750 without mesh but including fiberglass reinforcement. Mr. Lauby suggested going with the strongest, most durable product. The committee chose Mr. Meirs bid of 6,200 and Mr. Thoresen will seek to lower the bid if some work, such as gravel removal, can be done by residents.

Amendments: Board members had attempted to call the residents who have not voted for or against the amendments. To date, eleven residents verbally indicated they would vote in favor of the rental amendment and six for the dues amendment. There are still many residents who have not been contacted or returned messages. Calls will continue. Mr. Beglau noted that 75% of the land area is also needed for passing the amendments. The park and road land is unaccounted for and should either be reduced from the total land area or a vote should be cast for it. Mr. Taylor will check on how this should be done but it appears that this will be up to the board. Lot 40, the park, may be involved in this but the road land area may not be covered in the same way.

Lake Travis ISD: Paleface Ranch met the student and land ratios needed to proceed with the request to change school districts. A packet of information was presented to the board that will be sent to both Marble Falls and Lake Travis ISD. Mrs. Keel is considering privately retaining a lawyer to present it to the schools. She noted that Paleface Ranch has not been surveyed in its entirety and that this is needed as part of the presentation. It would cost $700.00. Mr. Hensley noted that lot owners without homes will pay more but might not be able to vote. Mrs. Keel noted this may be true short term but that everyone will see a long term benefit in increased property values. Ron noted that non-residents should be considered particularly regarding any costs involved in pursuing the school change. No other reason for the survey was found and the cost for the survey will be privately funded. The board has not taken a position on this issue. This change request needs to be completed well before the change in agricultural exemption changes is due (March).

Mutual fund account: Signing authority has been transferred to Mrs. Keel and Mr. Thoresen. Mr. Beglau reported that the fund will change accounts, as recommended by the fund manager, without charge, anticipating a result of an improved return. The fund is slightly higher than previously reported.

Anita Metcalf: Ms. Metcalf owns the land and original PFR homestead. She has the right to subdivide to 20 lots and those owners would have rights to use PFR roads and boat ramp. She has requested to increase to 50 lots. Dues would be paid by all these owners. Mr. Taylor noted we could negotiate an additional premium if we agree to the increase in lots. Mr. Taylor will serve as agent to the board in communicating with Ms. Metcalf. Mrs. Keel noted additional traffic would present a security issue. Mr. Thoresen noted the increase is unpopular among a few surveyed residents. The landowner at the end of Successor has similar rights and could subdivide to 60 lots according to past board minutes.

ACC: Construction specifications previously submitted have been reviewed by Mr. Lauby. Mr. Hensley recollected that they may have been based on those used by the Briar Cliff subdivision and are not based on the CCR’s. Mr. Beglau noted the CCR’s are the only guidance for the ACC and are somewhat unclear. Mr. Lauby will work with the committee reviewing the CCR’s and ACC to make the requirements more clear and thereby reduce conflict.

Lawsuit update: Mr. Beglau and Mr. Garlick spoke with Mr. Stephens and Mr. Tamborello. They appear ready to ‘fight on’ and continue the suit. The next step in the process is for the court to determine fees and damages. They could then appeal but independent sources have told some board members that it is highly likely that we would prevail. Mediation could intercede before the appeal and this could occur before Christmas. Mr. Beglau note he doesn’t want the association to spend more money on this but that also, if they continue, it would cost them more in the long run. Mr. Garlick noted we are in a strong position though collection might require a lien on the property. He suggested changing to a different attorney that would also likely work on a contingency.

Communication: The board wants to be “open and transparent” to the members. Ways to advance this goal were discussed. The website could be used for posting board decisions, Mr. Scharrer’s quarterly newsletter will move to ever two months, and E-mail is encouraged. Mass emails from a board member should be reviewed by all others before being sent.

Gate Codes: Ms. Lambrose will continue to submit codes to the board and will continue to change them monthly. Codes will be sent electronically and Mr. Lauby will work with her in sending any needed hard copies.

Website: Mrs. Hooge manages it currently. Mr. Beglau will contact her regarding posting the newsletter and other items.

Roads: The board discusses the need for the mutual fund money to be dedicated to the road repair. It was noted that emergencies would still need to be allowed. Mr. Hensley will look into options for controls for the expenditure of the funds.

Email List: Mrs. Keel will maintain and keep the current email and address list.

Notary: Mr. Lauby will look into the requirements of becoming a notary.

Meeting adjourned.

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