Minutes from 10-15-19 Board of Directors Meeting, Paleface Ranch Association, Inc.

The following meeting minutes reflect the actions taken by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Paleface Ranch Association, Inc. (the “Association”) at the regular meeting of the Board conducted on 10-15-16 (the “Board Meeting”).

The meeting was held at 2302 Improver Road.
All Board members were in attendance and meeting was called to order at 9:05 am. Ten residents were also in attendance.

New Board positions are as follows:
President is Karl Hancock
Vice President is John Wray
Treasurer is Chrissy Carr
Secretary is Sue Bennett
Director is Steve Barker

Minutes from previous Board meeting held on 6-9-16 were approved.

Treasurer report: The transition from Mindy Smith to Chrissy Carr has not yet been completed but Chrissy said she is meeting with Mindy next week to transfer files and information. She is also signing bank cards next week. A few minor expenditures have been made since June meeting.

Architectural Control Committee report given by Robert Frazer. Currently 6 homes are under construction and have not yet been reimbursed the deposit. He presented a $75 check from a resident for construction of a garage that the ACC approved. A new house on Improver was also approved. A preliminary house plan was submitted by another resident for the ACC’s review.

Road Committee report given by Nancy Lambros. They are currently attempting to schedule three activities prior to end of year. Wheeler will be doing the crack sealing. This is not a weather dependent task . Cracks 1/8” in depth or larger should be filled. Hinds will be repairing the pothole near the front gate. This is a weather dependent task . Teddy Riveria will lay the concrete to shore up the area by the stop sign at the front intersection of Tres Coronas and Oscar. He is in the middle of a large job and will try to work us in as soon as possible. RMC report

Karl volunteered to drive through the subdivision and kill the grasses that are growing in the street s. This will be completed prior to the crack sealing. We may have to ask for volunteers to dig out the dead grasses if they are deeply rooted.

Bylaw and CCR Amendments. The Bylaw amendments all passed at the annual meeting. There were not enough members in attendance at the annual meeting to vote on the CCR amendments. The committee will separate one previously proposed amendment: the issue of the main dwelling minimum square footage will be one amendment and the square footing minimum and maximum areas of an Additional Dwelling will be an amendment. In order for the CCR amendments to be in effect, 75% of the owners and 75% of the acreage represented must have voted for the changes. These ballots must be notarized.

Unfinished Business: Karl reported that the boat ramp parking area still needs to have Bermuda grass growing in order for LCRA to approve and refund our deposit. LCRA also wants the rain-created ruts smoothed out. MOTION PASSED to purchase a load of dirt. We are hoping to enlist the help of residents to spread the dirt and plant the seed. We have the seed already.

The Board will look at the boat ramp to determine what can be done to prevent further erosion. The sand and dirt, under the part of the ramp that is under water, is being washed away. We may have to lay concrete bags with rebar and/or rocks down next to the ramp to prevent water erosion.

New Business: Sue suggested a Bylaw amendment wherein the date of the annual HOA meeting is changed to the end of January. The current date always coincides with a football game or Pecan Street Festival and affects the level of participation from residents. In addition, by moving to the end of January, we would have a year- end financial report . This could be voted on at the next HOA meeting in September or a special meeting could be held this coming Spring. An email will be sent out to the owners suggesting this and asking for their input.

During the annual meeting, up to $4,000 was approved to create a picnic area next to the boat ramp parking lot. An email will be sent to the owners asking for volunteers and ideas. The Board will subsequently appoint a committee to develop a plan.

The owner of the property at 1508 Successor is in the process of screening the water tank and bringing the driveway entrance into compliance with our CCRs.

The front gate will need a new coat of paint soon. The mailbox area cover needs to be power washed.

Meeting was adjourned and an Executive Session was called.

During the executive session the structure of the road committee was discussed. The Board voted to replace Nancy Lambros with Curtis Jeffrey and named Bill Paschall as the chairperson.

The executive Session was adjourned and the Board spoke privately with Nancy Lambros and advised her of their decision. The Board meeting was reopened. A summary of the Executive Session was announced and is made part of the Board meeting minutes.

Karl made a MOTION to adjourn and Steve seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 11:06.