PRAI Board Meeting Minutes 10-15-08

Board members Bill Paschall, Toby Newlin, Gail Finnegan, Megan Klein and Nancy Platt were present. Also present were homeowners Kim Richards, Gay Scharrer and Robin Newlin.

The minutes of the last board meeting were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. The boat ramp extension cost $4309.64. Twenty-five gate remotes were purchased to replenish the Association’s supply.

Old Business

The trash on Performer may still be an issue. Megan will check with Mike Hellrung as to the status of his talks with the owner.

The trailers at 23510 Oscar Road are still a problem. And there is a trailer in the front yard at 23907 Tres Coronas. Bill will contact these owners.

New Business

Board Positions
The board decided to have Bill Paschall serve in the position of president and Toby Newlin serve as vice president. Gail Finnegan will remain as treasurer, Megan Klein will continue to serve as secretary and Nancy Platt will serve as Director.

Boat Ramp Area Improvement Committee
Both Mike Natinsky and Kim Richards contacted the board about their willingness to serve on this committee. Additional suggestions of committee members included Dick Finnegan, Jim Hinton, Ken Klein and Glen Taylor. Gail will contact these members to gauge their interest in serving. The committee will meet for the first time with the board at 8:00PM the evening of the next board meeting. The board will let the committee decide upon its chairman.

Road Maintenance Committee
Suggestions of members to serve on this committee included Steve Hooge and Gary Jenkins. Bill Paschall will contact both men and ask Steve Hooge to chair the committee. This committee will meet for the first time with the board at 8:00PM the evening of the next board meeting.

Removal of Dead Trees at the Boat Ramp
Gary Scharrer has asked the board if it would be okay to cut down and remove three dead oak trees from edges of the road leading to the boat ramp. He intends to cut them off at the ground and to remove all limbs. The board unanimously approved this action.

RO BBQ Sign on Paleface Property
Bob Beglau had a discussion with the owner of RO BBQ several weeks ago and the subject of erecting a sign on Paleface property was broached. Bob brought this to the board indicating he thought the idea was for a sign about the size of the Red Brangus sign placed within 100 feet of that same sign. He also indicated the owner would be willing to pay to have the sign on Paleface property. The board did not contact the owner of RO BBQ for any details. There is absolutely no interest in erecting any type of advertising on Paleface property.

Boat Ramp Extension Payment
The boat ramp extension cost $309.64 more than was authorized at the annual meeting. The ramp extension turned out to be 40 feet longer than originally planned and a pumper truck was needed to supply the cement the full length of the extension. These two factors contributed to the overrun. The board decided to reimburse Jim Hinton only for the authorized $4000 and to ask the members if they would like to pledge to donate the remaining $309.64 to fully reimburse Jim. Megan will send an email to the membership.

Dead Wood on the Riverfront
Debris was pushed into a pile at the riverfront while there were tractors down there helping with the preparation of the boat ramp extension site. As soon as the burn ban is lifted, we will burn this debris. Nancy Platt will send a note to the membership alerting them of a bonfire party and we’ll make an event of it.

New Wand for the Sprayer
Toby Newlin noted that the sprayer wand has developed a few holes near the sprayer handle and needs to be replaced. This does not need to be done now but a new wand will need to be procured prior to the next weed spraying.

Dead Agave at Entrance
Nancy Platt reported that it looked like something had driven over the big agave at the front entrance. Megan will check with Ken and Bethany to be sure they do not already have plans to replace it. If they do not, Nancy and Megan will remove the agave.

Wall Knocked Over at Edge of Cement Pad
The small barrier wall has again been knocked over at the edge of the cement pad. This wall is intended to prevent cars from driving off the pad and falling into the dropoff at the bar ditch. Bill Paschall noted that there is a concrete place on Hwy 71 that likely has parking lot barriers that are inexpensive, heavy and will work better than the wall has. Megan will check into getting these.

Burn Ban Sign
Kim Richards suggested the board look into getting a flip sign that could be placed just inside the front entrance and flipped down to alert the neighborhood of the presence of a burn ban. When flipped up it would simply show the number to call before burning. The board was not interested in being responsible for alerting owners to a burn ban. Megan will check on the cost of a sign that simply states, “Call Before You Burn” and lists the phone number.

The next meeting will be held December 10th at 7PM at Ken and Megan Klein’s home at 23802 Oscar Road.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Klein
PRAI Secretary

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