PRAI Board of Directors Meeting held on 10-9-18 at 6:30 pm. 23409 Oscar Rd, Spicewood, TX
All board members were in attendance thus a quorum was met.
Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved; reading of those minutes was waived.
Treasurer’s report was presented by Chrissy Carr. 2018-10-8 treasurer report.
Committee Reports:
ACC report was presented by Tony Alvarado. Currently there are 4 homes under construction as well as various other approved projects.
Road report was presented by Sheila Jenkins. The committee is in the process of getting bids for crack filling to be done before the end of this year.
Boat Ramp report was presented by Danna Hancock. Bids are being obtained for mowing the boat ramp/park area.
Unfinished Business:
Front entrance: The dead agave plants have been removed. The flowers planted this past Spring are healthy. It is time to transplant some of the overcrowded salvia plants; moving them from the large entrance sign to the fence area. We will have an electrician look into adding two more lights on the exit side. He will also check the lights at the mailboxes.
Boat ramp/park: Waiting to have the drop off at the turn into the parking area smoothed out. We may have to get more bids for the concrete work.
CCR amendments: A total of 72 forms have been returned. We need at least 119 approvals to change any one amendment.
Violations: Email letters have been sent out to those property owners who were not in compliance with our CCRs.
Road Signs: Discussion about the need for more speed limit signs in the neighborhood. It was decided more signs would not resolve the speeding problem so no more signs will be purchased.
New Business:
A resident asked who was responsible for repairing the damaged fence on his property that borders on Highway 71.  After discussion, the Board decided it was not the responsibility of the HOA.
A resident asked the Board to send out an email reminding everyone that hunting and discharging of weapons is forbidden per our CCRs. The Board decided that was not necessary; nobody has witnessed a property owner hunting or shooting a weapon. The sounds of gunfire may be coming from the other side of the river.
Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 12-4-18 at Brenda’s house