10-28-2019 BOD Minutes

PRAI Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
10-28-19 held at 23409 Oscar Rd, Spicewood, TX 78669. The meeting was called to order at 6:29 pm.
A quorum was met as all Board members were in attendance. Five residents were there as well.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved; reading of those minutes was waived.
Treasurer’s report: Mindy Smith advised that a financial audit will be scheduled to cover calendar year 2019 and the cost will be $650. The report from Norden Salinas CPA should be ready for our annual meeting.  Bills paid included a $405 legal bill from attorney Cagle; a $700 ground maintenance bill from Nicann LLC and $2750 bill from Teddy Rivera for the boat ramp concrete pour.
Committee Reports:
Gregg Smith represented the ACC and advised that $2000 was refunded to a builder for one house completion. No new applications have been received since our last meeting. The builder for the Tres Coronas property communicated that a survey had been completed but he was still waiting on Travis County permits. The ACC is still waiting for documentation that the well has been plugged and indication of the location for the septic. There are currently four houses under construction.
The Road Committee had no representatives at the meeting and the Boat Ramp Committee had nothing to report.
Unfinished Business:
The cameras at the entrance are installed. ADT security company was not able to get live internet so our cost was reduced to around $2052. There is a monthly charge of $15. If we request a review of the footage an additional fee will be charged. A hard drive will retain pictures for 45 days or so. The camera is 4K; clear enough to see license plates.
The boat ramp concrete project was completed. A strip of concrete was poured where the ramp road meets the parking area to divert water runoff down the road and into the river. Concrete was also poured under the existing road where the wall was constructed to prevent erosion.
CCR violations: The property owner on Oscar Road refuses to do anything else to remove the sand from the road.  Volunteers may attempt to power wash the sand back onto the property.
There have been complaints of unleashed dogs roaming Tres Coronas. The Board will send a letter to the owners reminding them that dogs must be under voice command or on a leash or within a fenced area.
New Business:
The fence and flower beds on the exit side of the subdivision entrance are actually located on the neighboring property currently owned by Mr. Parra. Communications with the owner and his attorney, Mr. Bajwa, as well as our HOA attorney, Mr. Cagle, have been ongoing and we hope to have a resolution soon. We are in the process of attempting to
reach a boundary line agreement whereby the encroached property is conveyed to our HOA with each party responsible for their own attorney fees.
The next annual meeting date is Jan 25th at 12:30 pm. The location will again be at One Chapel on Hwy 71 in Spicewood.
Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm
The next Board of Directors meeting date is to be determined in the near future.