Board of Directors Meeting held on 10-27-20 via Zoom

All Board members were electronically present so a quorum was met. In addition, seven residents logged into the meeting.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

Minutes of the previous Board meeting were approved after Cindy Clifton motioned to approve and Joel Mitchell seconded.

Treasurer’s report: Cindy Clifton reported expenditures and deposits since last meeting.

Committee Report:

ACC: Gregg Smith reported current projects underway.

Voting Subgroup: Joel reported the sub group met once and determined the best way to have our annual meeting will be an online zoom meeting. More research is needed to determine how to manage the use of proxy ballots as well as testing of the voting process. The subgroup recommended using the Election Buddy software. The charge will be $89 per ballot. We can have several issues on one ballot and can edit the ballot at the actual meeting.

John Martin motion: To approve up to $500 to research and build a final case for the Election Buddy software. Cindy Clifton seconded. Motion approved.

Road Committee: Chris Preece reported that the committee obtained three bids for the cost of crack filling, ranging from $2220-$3500 to fill 2000 linear feet. Texas Materials, who did the work for us last year, presented the lowest bid. All three companies drove through the subdivision measuring the cracks that needed filling.
Joel motion: That we proceed with Texas Materials to do the crack filling. Luis Martinez seconded. Motion unanimously approved. Chris will contact Texas Materials and schedule as soon as possible.

Unfinished Business: Sue Bennett motion: Spend up to $100 to paint the front entrance Paleface Ranch sign. John Martin seconded. Motion approved.

Diane Wigington presented several options regarding pruning the yaupon plants that are obscuring the Paleface Ranch sign. She and Sue will meet at the entrance to determine the best option.

New Business:
Discussed a couple of agenda items for the annual meeting including good neighbor guidelines: dark sky, deer feeding, water usage

New ACC member: David Wigington

Next meeting: Tuesday Dec 8th at 6:30

Meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm